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The Power Of Three

Jax, Wenchy & Mel

Jax, Wenchy & Mel

It never truly goes away – the haunting of l♡ve, nor the loss of an old friend.

The childlike giggles and adult whispers. Tenderly touching a picture and remembering with gratitude when you had the power of three.

You make an uneasy peace with the empty space while remembering it was the best of times during the worst of times.

Losing to death or to life, you remain forever changed by the people you use to know and who knew you – and smiled.

I wish you enough,

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9 responses to “The Power Of Three”

  1. Do not know who you lost or how but I know from following you you three were very very close.

    My sympathy and best wises go to you.


    1. It is hard. Life didn’t promise you a rose garden.


      1. True re: rose garden. From the South Carlina coast I send my best houghts and wishes for the three to reunite.


  2. I so understand this loss you speak off.


    1. It is sad that others feel such sadness also.


  3. You need to spend time with them.


    1. mmmmm Much easier said than done, I don’t know if they even want to.


  4. I never did say that I didn’t want to …..


  5. From way across the pond I hope you spend time together. Heal whatever may be in need of repair. Life is too short for any separation between the three.


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