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I think of you…and I wonder.

Dear yesterday,

I knew the song “Establishment Blues” word for word long before I had ever heard about a poet in song, from Detroit in the USA, named Rodriguez.

Tim Duffy (13 June 1973 – 17 March 1999) and I worked together and he was an avid Bob Dylan and Rodriguez fan. Pretty much anything anti establishment 🙂 Our desks were directly opposite each other. Close enough for even me, to meet target (his head) with a crumbled up paper. He sang, tapped rhythms and hummed permanently.

It was a friendship born in a *smile* and a mutual acceptance of who we are that changed my life.

A 6ft Tim with his waist long, wavy blonde hair, extensive general knowledge and his superior use of the English language… and the colonial drinking of Earl Grey tea who named me Wenchy.

Tim had this way about him, an ability to treat a street vendor as a King and the CEO as an equal in an elevator and a girl was always made to feel like porcelain. Delicate, fragile but strong enough to hold boiling water.

Perhaps that is why I loved the dead boy Tim so. He lived lyrics, I could only hum.

Don’t …. “Forget it…” … a nursery rhyme you won’t find in a book.

You have been gone 13 years and I still climb on your music. You would have l♡ved the Rodriguez documentary dead boy Tim. You would have cried at the humble soul, as I did. You would have loved that my Kevin grew up to know and l♡ve music and would no doubt pass it on to his kids. For a moment, you were alive again….then again, you have never really died – now have you?

I wish you the gift of music,

One response to “I think of you…and I wonder.”

  1. hiya wenchy, I somehow clicked through to your web site from here is my story that I posted there (I was 10 years old and listening to my sister’s LPs):
    “I used to listen to Cold Fact on our Philips in the Natal Midlands. I’d sit on the dusty farmhouse wooden floor where the only music we had was some ABBA, Neil Diamond and Rodriguez records. There was also a pile of Springbok Nude girls ( ) and some recordings of the Boks vs All Black rugby tests of the 1960s.
    I never knew about the Beatles or Rolling Stones and I had no idea that the rest of the world was ignoring us and Rodriguez. I only found that out later…”
    I wasn’t going to post anything but my late wife was passionate about english language use and I drink earl grey tea. It was just too big a co-incidence…

    BTW: hello


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