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Saturday turned Sunday morning…

Hello my friends,

A bit of an update:

* I have been baking bread. Ha ha ha! Imagine that! My friend Natasja leads and I followed with a Russell Hobbs bread baker, with thanks to my husband. Makes me feel very pioneer like.

* Also been collecting recipe books, magazines and printing the odd internet find . If you have any recipes suitable for cooking / baking for Dummies (me) I would appreciate it. Keep it very simple, please!

* I am in two minds about my hair. To cut or not to cut. I l♡ve my black hair colour tough. I always have. Short hair makes a more dramatic statement for me I think and is more sassy, while long hair is my comfort blanket and I l♡ve the feel of my hair on my back.

* After watching “Real Steal” with most of the Waltons clan near midnight. Very touching this Rocky for robots.

* The kids put together a lovely anniversary dinner for us tonight. The food was REALLY good! Unfortunately Nic and our Liam James wasn’t here, but Kyle, Kev, Kyla, Douglas, Victoria and Jenna-Lee did a great job. Awesome guys!

* Good time for me to introduce you to our newest Waltons member. Kyla is 19, matriculated last year and is working for a UK medical recruitment company. 🙂 Dear Ky has her own story to tell, that isn’t mine to share, but we have been blessed to welcome a ridiculously intelligent, diligent, funny, driven, loyal, loving and giving young lady into the clan. Jenna-Lee is particularly taken with Ky as the big sister. 🙂

* Tranquil Body Treats at Rosebank @rooftopmarket is going well. I am enjoying it and have found I work very well by myself on Sundays at the market. I may get an assistant in during the busier Christmas season. We have awesome specials and happenings lined up and I remain thrilled with my job.

* My fathers parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week. 🙂

* Excited about our trip to the Drakensberg in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary – only a little short of a week as I work Sundays. I l♡ve ttoad trips!

* My anxiety is out of control at the moment. I hate it. Having a hard time hiding it. Besides this, I feel constantly exhausted. I have little energy and a constant headache.

* Let me go, I need to get up in 4 hours to be at the Rosebank @rooftopmarket. 🙂
I wish you unicorns,



Oupa Joe and Ouma Rentia on their 60th wedding anniversary

Oupa Joe and Ouma Rentia on their 60th wedding anniversary

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3 responses to “Saturday turned Sunday morning…”

  1. Nice post.

    You forget to mention your extremely talented husband cook made lots of the food for the anni dinner. 😉


  2. Nice post!

    You forgot to mention the awesome chicken and potato bake for the anniversary meal was made by your extremely talented husband cook.



  3. This is nonsense say something senseable thing


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