Saturday turned Sunday morning…

Hello my friends,

A bit of an update:

* I have been baking bread. Ha ha ha! Imagine that! My friend Natasja leads and I followed with a Russell Hobbs bread baker, with thanks to my husband. Makes me feel very pioneer like.

* Also been collecting recipe books, magazines and printing the odd internet find . If you have any recipes suitable for cooking / baking for Dummies (me) I would appreciate it. Keep it very simple, please!

* I am in two minds about my hair. To cut or not to cut. I l♡ve my black hair colour tough. I always have. Short hair makes a more dramatic statement for me I think and is more sassy, while long hair is my comfort blanket and I l♡ve the feel of my hair on my back.

* After watching “Real Steal” with most of the Waltons clan near midnight. Very touching this Rocky for robots.

* The kids put together a lovely anniversary dinner for us tonight. The food was REALLY good! Unfortunately Nic and our Liam James wasn’t here, but Kyle, Kev, Kyla, Douglas, Victoria and Jenna-Lee did a great job. Awesome guys!

* Good time for me to introduce you to our newest Waltons member. Kyla is 19, matriculated last year and is working for a UK medical recruitment company. 🙂 Dear Ky has her own story to tell, that isn’t mine to share, but we have been blessed to welcome a ridiculously intelligent, diligent, funny, driven, loyal, loving and giving young lady into the clan. Jenna-Lee is particularly taken with Ky as the big sister. 🙂

* Tranquil Body Treats at Rosebank @rooftopmarket is going well. I am enjoying it and have found I work very well by myself on Sundays at the market. I may get an assistant in during the busier Christmas season. We have awesome specials and happenings lined up and I remain thrilled with my job.

* My fathers parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week. 🙂

* Excited about our trip to the Drakensberg in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary – only a little short of a week as I work Sundays. I l♡ve ttoad trips!

* My anxiety is out of control at the moment. I hate it. Having a hard time hiding it. Besides this, I feel constantly exhausted. I have little energy and a constant headache.

* Let me go, I need to get up in 4 hours to be at the Rosebank @rooftopmarket. 🙂
I wish you unicorns,



Oupa Joe and Ouma Rentia on their 60th wedding anniversary

Oupa Joe and Ouma Rentia on their 60th wedding anniversary

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3 thoughts on “Saturday turned Sunday morning…”

  1. Nice post.

    You forget to mention your extremely talented husband cook made lots of the food for the anni dinner. 😉


  2. Nice post!

    You forgot to mention the awesome chicken and potato bake for the anniversary meal was made by your extremely talented husband cook.



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