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Return to Dragons Back – Day 1

Now, I admit our Wedding Day, with butterflies (fear and excitement) that our parents, children and friends will kill us (some sadly never accepted, nor forgave our madness) for eloping, was lots more fun than our second wedding anniversary.

One of our many children made a fatal error in not informing us where they were and didn’t come home. Livid, worried and concerned an understatement.

Once child was located, it was jovial enough with Noid bringing me coffee in the bath.

Our domestic arrived as she needed the extra money from working on a public holiday. All hell broke loose. While I was doing my @TranqBodyTreats at Rosebank @rooftopmarket on Sunday, Noid had made a list of chores that had simply not been done. They were NOT small things, they were disgusting things leaving us to die of cholera of iets.

Yes, I am bi-polar. Most of the time cleverly camouflaged under allot of lipstick, perfume and medication.

Have you ever encountered a mental woman pick up speed in anger and scream so loud that your chest hurts? It is not pretty and the reason I will now own a gun.

Especially not when fable goes my 40 odd year old great grandmother got so angry at one of her many kids (don’t worry Ouma from long ago I have the many kids covered!) that she had a small scream and fell down dead. Not to be seen, besides a small haunting again.

I do not often reach that level of anger, and I was doing fairly okay until I went upstairs to find a favourite bra missing an underwire completely. The shirt I wanted to wear had marks ironed onto it and the war path was MINE!

Hours later, the nicest thing that happened to me thus far was Clarens in the Free State. Food was awesome, nice pics with Samsung tab as my Canon SLR is e-broken.

I wanted a cookbook which Noid didn’t buy which made me hate all over again that I became ill and had to leave my corporate job I did l♡ve cause it meant I had a small money.

Tranquil Body Treats is a new baby of mine, not one that can afford a cook book! We only 4 months old and profits don’t turn over that fast.

I do see Noid’s point in me hating cooking and that the book will probably gather dust. I REALLY DO…..but it was one of those books written by a tannie from the area and it had simple instructions, like turn on the stove.

I feel asleep somewhere on the drive trying to control the crap pain in my neck….and we were here.

We have come to the mountains many times, for a million reasons and always it brings peace.

There was champagne waiting in our room, ahhhhh!!! and we sat overlooking part of the amphitheatre.

Dinner was nice, Noid was convinced the man of colour got a bigger portion to him so I decided I will have extra ice cream and shared it with Noid.

By 9pm we were in bed. Lights off. Thankfully they didn’t remain off!


Two years later

Two years later

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3 responses to “Return to Dragons Back – Day 1”

  1. Life happens, even on your anniversary


  2. Happy anniversary!


  3. Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was searching for! “Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other.” by Walter Lippmann.


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