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Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.


I have been alive for 14362 days. In 246 days I will be 40 years old. Turning 30 I found as scary as hell. Turning 40 I realise if I am to live to 80, I will be halve way done with my life. Now THAT doesn’t seem that exciting.

Yet, I don’t have the same fear of growing older, as when I turned 30. I want to meet my 40th year as the best possible version of myself.

…..and with that I decided to extend an invitation to myself to loose the medication fat (vs baby fat, or I ate like a pig fat or…) over the next 12 weeks.

Many weeks ago, I threw the scale to a place I cannot reach. I had been having an awesome day. I felt great. Then I stepped on that bloody scale!

So, I will not be getting on the scale. Instead I would like to fit into my jeans I wore when we did the Whale Trail a few years back. There is the challenge for the next 83 days.

Food is not so much an issue for me, as what exercise is. So I decided on a reward system of km walked, hence reward is on exercise and not weight loss. Forcing me to do what is the most difficult for me and rewarding myself with something I l♡ve and really want.

My initial challenge to myself is to walk 25km. There is a certain piece of floral, butterfly, ivy type ink I would like to have done in purple and yellow up the side of my left leg. From my foot, up my thigh to my hip…. So after walking 25kg I will have my foot done…a small piece at a time as a reward to my commitment…. and so I hope to continue until I fit into those particular jeans.

I know how much I weighed when I last rocked those jeans, so it would be interesting to see how much I weigh when I get there this time. 🙂

After that I want to do another 12 week challenge with myself and I trust I will then be a great version of me….and ready to meet my 40th birthday.

So here we go again! Will you walk with me?

I wish you enough,

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10 responses to “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.”

  1. Good luck with that and that is one fab reward you have lined up.


  2. Thank you darling, Charms. I had to think about what I would want most to actually get me doing something. I HATE that I picked up so much weight last year when the doctors enjoyed a field day with my body. An incomplete tattoo will bug me endless so I would want it finished.LOL How to torture yourself 101!


  3. Good luck! Walking is great exercise. And 40 is fabulous.


    1. Hey! 🙂 Thank you. I did lots of walking before the sickness came, much like the plague as you can imagine. L☺L I trust 40 will be fabulous, have decided to start my tattoo at the top as I like visible tattoos the most, so it will irritate me to get it to down to my feet. xxx


    2. Hey Cat! I did lots of walking before the sickness came. Much like the plague. L☺L I trust 40 is going to be fucking fabulous!


  4. Walking and swimming are both excellent. Wow a whole leg tattooo, cool.

    Just remember to lose weight, it’s 70 or 80 % diet and 20 % exercise, diet is way more important, I lost weight with noooo exercise at all, here are my tips:
    If you use sugar stop, change to agave syrup for baking, cereal etc (its very very sweet and tastes awesome)
    If you use sugar in your coffee/tea change to zylitol, really good for your teeth and way less kilojoules and healthier.
    Eat a big breakfast, basically anything you want most days….then a healthy lunch and a SMALL dinner.
    Drink diluted organic apple cider vinegar every morning half an hour before breakfast.
    Cooking with lemons is good.
    Eat ginger and hot food.
    Nooooooooooooo white pasta or bread ever!!!! only wholewheat high fibre options.
    Steak with salad or veggies is good, potatoes and other carbs are fine if not eaten at the same time as meat (protein).


    1. What worked best for me the last time, I had to eat correctly and exercise more and drink 2l of water.

      I use to walk 4km three times a day. I don’t eat sugar on cereal anyway, I don’t mind fat free milk and I l♡ve water, so it is not all bad! 🙂

      I am okay food wise but I really struggle to get motivated to exercise.


  5. Good luck! I have no doubt that you can do it.


  6. Eek. I’m 40 soon and battled the bulge in a big way this year without too much exercise, but now I know it is lacking to lose those last few kgs.
    You can do it!


  7. I will walk with you


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