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Ja, so?

It seems October is the month that my teeth decide they MUST have some random root canal. Three years running.

Anyway, as I was bathed, dressed and ready I was thinking:

* Should I wear my glasses or contact lenses? Do I want to see the dentist coming towards me? Could always close my eyes?

* Shall I wear mascara or not? Do I plan on having a small cry? Big girl panties! …. not because I am brave but because I am fat so big panties is required regardless.

* Perhaps anti-anxiety meds were needed. Can you hear Simon Cowell say “ It’s a YES!” I added kick ass schedule 5 slow release pain killers to the mix. Just in case!

* Is the medical aid going to pay this monster bill? I dunno. Worry later, in pain NOW. The Power of Now, see I am very new age.

* Is my shirt sitting proper or will the dentist be checking out my cleavage. Nun outfit.

* I must wear closed shoes. I desperately need a pedicure. Can’t have the dentist looking at my disgusting feet with Brixton type chipped nail polish.

In the end the dentist as his very funny assistant were nice people. Lots of conversation about my tattoos and how the world need more individuals (Yay!!) and less conforming.

I did wear glasses and took them off while they worked, I wore mascara and closed shoes… and I refrained from asking about how much this is all gonna cost. Think they will hit me with that when I go back next week.

Root canal anyone?

I wish you enough,

6 responses to “Ja, so?”

  1. Oh gosh, nothing worse than dental issues.


  2. Wow this post was hilarious, lol 🙂 some real gems in there, you are a funny lady, I love it.


  3. Oi vey! Dentist trips are something I try avoid at all costs!


  4. Round 2 coming up!

    will you make us laugh again?


  5. Sorry about your pain, but this made me laugh.


  6. One word – Dormicum.


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