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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy

Hello friends and other interesting creatures,

As an observer, I have often looked for likeness with all my kids.

Initially I have thought our Liam James and I are the most similar, we are funny and loud or full of crap generally but lately I have found that there are moments he has an emotional maturity for clarity I have not reached. His *smile* is actually very much his Aunty Jill.

Victoria is my physical mini-me which she doesn’t l♡ve. L☺L She really can sing and write like me, but her mannerisms and clumsiness is very much her Dad.

In fact, I have realised that Kevin and I are the most alike and connected… on many levels. If he likes it or not, his frown is 100% Oupa Mike, his quick wit and ability to be equally offensive and finding the unacceptable funny is very me, while the maths gene must be from his father. Music is from Dad, no question and perhaps a cloud of melancholy which I wish I could have spared him.

Kev and I grew up together. He is my son, companion, protector, date, entertainer, helper, chef… he has seen all my victories and mistakes. He has cried and laughed with me. We have fought and forgiven. We have agreed to disagree.

Neither of us are perfect by any means.. but we are very human. His heart is gold and he deep down he believes like me, that to be vulnerable is to be alive, although it brings the most pain. It is also the bravest in my opinion.

On Friday evening I attended a ballroom concert with Victoria where she took this photograph and said “That’s our Kevin”. I had a small cry.

This is the most captivating, truthful “picture” of my “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – beautiful boy” in the words of John Lenon, I have ever seen.

I wish you a son in flight with music as his words,

3 responses to “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy”

  1. Beautiful om te lees wat jy van jou kinders skryf, Elkeen ‘n spesialle plekkie*


  2. Cheyenne L'jean Greeff avatar
    Cheyenne L’jean Greeff

    It was really cool, I think you wright really well!


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