Oppa Gangnam Style!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Wanna read some stuffs?

* Those are my Oppa Gangnam Style pant! I l♡ve that video. Thanks to Kevin I at least know about it. Ha ha! Nahhh they just my Bad Boy pant I bought from “Jam” at R20 – yes I am cheap, but never easy – in my head I imagine I can dance like that with those pant on. 🙂

* I have a sinus and lung infection. I am not loving it. Day 3 of not being able to breathe. The anti-biotics prescribed are like huge submarines and a challenge to swallow. Best getting better rushes in!

* Today is the first time in five months that I am not selling Tranquil Body Treats at Rosebank @rooftopmarket. I did try to find someone to run my small shop tomorrow but I shall accept sometimes I can’t control everything. I will be back next week however!

* Noid very kindly brought us supper home on Friday as well as flowers for me and Kyla as we are both sick. It was an unexpected and happy surprise. Thank you.

* Kyla likes playing with the bread machine. She has made bagels, french loaf and garlic bread. I encourage that behaviour!

* I made a pot of tea yesterday. It reminded me of our Liam James. He is very proper that way.

* The neighbour just turned on his lawn mower at just after 8am on a Sunday. He is disturbing my bath time silence.

Okay I wish you enough,

PS: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/07/behind-the-music-psy-oppa-is-gangnam-style

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