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Dear friends, family and fuckwits who gleam in the sun,

It appears I have safely skipped the new years resolution phase, and went straight to joining the gym. Cool people are always two steps ahead.

Should you have a Liberty policy, you too can always be two steps ahead (ha ha – no pun intended) and join their “Own Your Life” awards programme.

Besides greatly reduced joining fees and reduced monthly payment, all our many children under 18, pay R100 once off until their 18th birthday! Then they must be proper and pay for themselves.

Perhaps every gym has their own culture or “feel”, but this is my thoughts on joining @virginactiveSA Greenstone.

I admit to feeling uncomfortable about my size generally. Thus far I have seen people bigger and smaller than me, sweat and I can’t say anybody looked up. Everyone is there to complete their workout and be on their way. The only section I have not used is the pool as I don’t have a swimming cap yet.

The staff is exceptionally high on life. Not sure if they get special pink drinks before shifts start, but they seem very happy and smiling, available to show you how equipment works and just generally a nice group of people.

There is a machine where you log in to keep track of blood pressure, heart rate, weight and body fat percentage that you can use at any time. After your workout there are also stations where you can track your workout progress.

The first floor has a creche (so glad my kids have outgrown that stage) a room for energetic group classes (there are a variety on offer) and a more zen looking space for yoga etc. A franchise shop that sells things with wheat grass and a spot of lounging.

Going down the steps, the next level is set out for cardio and stretching. Many bikes, treadmills, stepping, rowing, power plate (which makes me want to vomit) etc machines. Lots of sweating. There is also a torture chamber where spinning classes take place.

On the lower level is the swimming pool and all the circuit and weight machines as well as the sauna and steam rooms and change rooms. I have always loved steam rooms!

I do enjoy weight training but at the moment, I am doing it in a smaller ratio than cardio because I have so much weight to loose. I do an hour of cardio and I am trying to go four times a week.

Oh the fabulous feature on the machines are that you can plug your ear phones in and watch sports channels, CNN news or VH1. I tend to watch news but am keen to try music.

Will keep you updated. 🙂

I wish you enough,

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4 responses to “The Active Virgin Speaks”

  1. Just know you will achieve your goals .


  2. WELL DONE! I’m so super proud that you have joined the gym instead of letting it wait to be a New Year’s resolution. Again, well done. And you should be proud of yourself too. Not only are you getting yourself to move but your children too. Now your an example mom to follow.


  3. Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs about their gymming I think I need to join again… But having spent a fortune on memberships in the past and not using them has made me very leery.


  4. Glad you have bought in and are working so hard at this


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