I opened my 2013 dairy today.

Be I granted the breath, I have an entire book before me to fill with wonder – an excited anticipation.

Life is seldom pure joy on a daily basis, and I am already aware of some of the obstacles I need to face.

Yet, I cannot help but wonder what life will bless me with in my 40th year, nor what will bring a tear.

It is THE year. 13 is my lucky number {since it is my birthday on 13 June}. I will turn 40, my son, Kev will turn 20 and my Mammie 60. Somehow I feel RED is going to feature, so I am starting with my roots so long. L0L

40 is kinda the middle of anyone’s life if you lucky. I hope to be the weird odd aunt with fabulous hair, perfect eyebrows and red lipstick who says fuck allot… along with “….in my day things weren’t as easy as you have it today my boy! We still had to pay to use the internet!”

In 2013, I wish for awesome health, great emotional strength, critical healing for my heart, motivation to reach physical and mental goals…. the freedom to dream once more. I wish for enough money to meet needs, and the pleasure of a few wants. Sexual, sensual adventures and more laughter than tears.

As always, I wish you enough,

PS. For my 40th year I would like gold charms for all special occasions. Charms that remind you of me and a note to say why. PLEASE xxx

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation. ~ Homer Rice



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