Dearest Victoria,

Victoria and I. Christmas 2006.

Victoria and I. Christmas 2006.

Tomorrow starts an entire new chapter in your life. As I told you today, I was petrified when I started High School. I wanted to hold onto my Mom’s hand and beg her not to leave me with “these people”. 🙂 You appear so much braver than I.

Besides myself, I know only you who is so set on wanting to be who they are at the core. I have bended and slipped, given way at times. I hope you never do. At the end, at 3am, you will always have to face yourself. Make sure you like the person looking back at you.

Get involved. Try things. Enjoyment is but a short way away from your comfort zone.

Give people a chance. They may surprise you but once someone has shown you who they are, believe them…and if need be walk away.

Don’t judge a person by their *smile*. Always see if it meets their eyes.

Listen and learn from your teachers. Be respectful. Question everything and keep only the good. Even the Bible agrees with me on that one.

It is not a dreaded five year plan – a matric certificate is not the destination. It is an adventure! You will laugh plenty (remember not to point). You will get hurt. You will wish the time away. You will succeed and fail. You will misunderstand and you will have light bulb moments. Enjoy the journey.

Always remember that you are much loved, much wanted. I cannot wait to see you grow even further. You have been a gift. I have loved tearing back the paper and seeing glitter fall everywhere.

I wish you enough my darling baby girl.
Mom xxxx

Victoria and I. December 2012

Victoria and I. December 2012

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13 thoughts on “Dearest Victoria,”

  1. What a beautiful post. I cried…. Your words are everything I would want to tell my girls if they were starting a new chapter in their lives.
    As I told Jade tonight, if sh1t really hits the fan the girls must always know my three proudly ‘Parktonians’ have their back, all they need to do is shout 🙂
    Loves my friend


  2. made me cry again……… Simply beautifully said mom! Our Chrisi started as head boy today, send him off with some words of mommy wisdom…wish I could have done it as well as you do!! xxxx


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