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We get by with a little help from our friends!!

Bex and her Mom, Amanda-Jane

Bex and her Mom, Amanda-Jane

My dearest friends,

Over the years I have contributed and others have contributed to my plights. The internet community has helped changed so many situations.

Today I am asking you to help a dear friend of mine, a single Mom Amanda-Jane with three teenage daughters. Twin daughters in grade 11 and a girl in grade 9. She did not ask for help, but I know WE can make a difference.

Rebecca-Leigh (Bex) is a grade 11 pupil at Parktown High School For Girls. She has been a member of the swimming team for over three years which means 6am training for girls and moms alike! Much dedication!
Last year she attempted her biggest swimming challenge. She compete in the 8 Mile Charity swim (4 Miles a day consecutively). It’s a gruelling swim which requires dedication, focus and a whole lot of bravery.

Bex managed to complete the swim and with the help of many generous people, she raised just over R12 000 towards the Guide Dog Association of South Africa. Go girl!
Naturally Bex has been selected to swim again this year because she is gifted. Yay!! The race will take place this weekend 9 and 10 February 2013.
We urgently need to raise money towards her entry fee of R1 800. If 18 of us each sponsor R100 her entry fee is paid! 🙂

The second need is her travel down to Natal.
The third need is the challenge of raising the R10 000 which will be donated towards a charity – confirmation of this will be published.
For more info please visit the 8 Mile Charity Swim web site below:

Time is little – please HELP and deposit your contributions to:

Acc No- 136 357 3001,
Branch Code- 462005.
Bidvest Bank, Cresta.
AJ Ringrose

Bex’s Mom can be contacted on
PLEASE help xxx!!! I have attached a picture taken at last years race of Bex and her dear Mom.

Much l♡ve,

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2 responses to “We get by with a little help from our friends!!”

  1. R100? Go big or go home! Deposited R1k with the reference 8MileChallenge


    1. I don’t have enough Thank You’s! A tear from me!


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