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Tag: 13

Thanks Vanessa. She assigned me the age 13. 🙂

Age I was given: 13

I lived in: In a flat in Hillbrow for part of that year ….. and as a total anti-climax, we moved to a huge house in Cyrildene with a massive pool…and the step-father from the depths of hell.

In a relationship with: Barry. An 18 year old boy with blue eyes who had just joined the army. First boy to ever kiss me.

I feared: My step-father, the dark, that something would happen to my Mom – I have always had anxiety issues.

I worked at: I never worked at a proper job when I was a teenager.


Now I am: 39

I live in: An upmarket, nature reserve estate in a beautiful home with ample space in Greenstone Hill.

I am in a relationship with: My husband Noid, early 40’s who loves golf, 4x4ing and is driven by being a provider.

I drive: An understated red Sandero Stepway. It got my vote as it is a South African produced vehicle and I am beyond patriotic. The understated ends with my cheeky personalised number plate – Wenchy. I l♡ve a contradiction.

I fear: Existing but not living.

I work: As a Branch Owner for @TranqBodyTreats.

I want to be: The best version of me.

If you want to play, ask me for an age in the comment below!

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5 responses to “Tag: 13”

  1. What about the age 6?


  2. Cool. I’ll play


    1. Yay!!, your age is 15 🙂


  3. Some stepfathers can be such fuckwits!


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