“Blood Games” – Faye Kellerman

Gun Games: A Decker/Lazarus NovelGun Games: A Decker/Lazarus Novel by Faye Kellerman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In South Africa, this book is published under the name “Blood Games” – it should come with a warning label.

Frankly this is the worse book from Faye Kellerman I have ever read. I felt compelled to finish it as I have always loved the author.

The relationship between Gabe and Yasmine started off rather sweet but quickly turned very un Faye Kellerman like. I am a Mom of many teenagers and am by no stretch a woman who is close minded when it comes to sexual intimacy. I am also not naive in thinking my children are angels. I love sex as much as any playboy funny but honestly, I have no desire to read about Gabe’s (15) constant ‘boners’ and Yasmine’s (14) wetness.

Eventually I got so irritated that I started skipping the pages about the teenage love scenes and focussed on the crime solving. Dylan was a well-developed character. Even Cam I could picture. The rest of the ‘mafia’ was just too many names with no faces or character traits.

The second suicide was not well resolved or explained at all. The introduction to the character was sufficient and then she got lost somewhere. Her death was not solved, but hinted at. It felt incomplete with far too little sympathy or understanding for the illness.

If you are a serious Faye Kellerman fan of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus thrillers, you can skip this one.

No thrill.

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Thoughts of an almost 40 year old Mom to her many children. – Part 1/?

Dear delightful many children,

Nick, Kyla, Kyle, Kev, Liam James and Victoria,

This birthday is huge inside me. My father, the grandfather Johan you never met, never made it to 40. Granny Von says her life only truly started at 40…and me? Well … we shall see.

Thoughts, lessons and rambling words as I approach my 40th birthday. Don’t put me in a home just yet!

» Never underestimate the power of kindness given or received. Value and offer a kind place to fall. You will be surprised as to where you experience true kindness.

» You all know I have no desire to be a grandmother any year soon. Please! Condoms my darlings. AIDS is not pretty either.

» Do not trust people who whisper. It’s the devil’s language.

» Never chew gum. Especially with your mouth open. It is terribly trashy. Let’s refer from trashy behavior overall…that would include bar fights, general drunken behavior, rudeness and having a cigarette hang from your mouth.

» Always choose acoustic music over synthetic man made sounds. It may be awesome to enhance people feeble attempts at singing (see Kim Kardashian’s single) but it is not music. A guitar, an old style microphone and a man who CAN sing is sex on fire.

» Be accepting and accommodating of other people’s choices however. Be it their race, sexual orientation, music taste or religion. There is no need to patronize. We are not small penis people.

» Your Mom is just a girl who got older. At heart I am 14 and hope I always will be. Doesn’t mean I did not learn huge lessons that hurt like hell to get to 40. Learn from my mistakes and do not repeat it. For instance, don’t marry before at least 25 no matter how grown up and all knowing you feel. Believe me, you don’t wanna know such responsibility before you are ready – emotionally and financially.

» If there is anything you need to hide, it is a great indicator you are fucking up. Stop that. Immediately.

To my friends,

» Step-children will seldom give you the gratitude and respect you deserve. It will be years before they realize how hard you tried and perhaps then they will appreciate your efforts. Life may surprise you however and give you step-children that is accepting and loving and climb into your heart forever.

» Invest time, energy, money, interest and l♡ve into your children, and those borrowed to you that was not born from your body. It is a gift you give yourself.

» When your children leave home, you must celebrate that you have been a great parent giving them valuable life skills to go out, SUCCEED, and make it on their own. Up until you realize that, you are allowed to mourn and have a small cry. It is normal.

I wish you enough,

Update & CounTing down to forTy (Pic A Day): 15 February 2013 – 6 March 2013


I know these endless pictures posted are sometimes a drag, but it documents the days until my 40th birthday, so only three months still to go. It is not that I am excited about the said birthday. More contemplative. It feels kinda weird to know the days you have left is probably less than the days you have had. It does make me aware of each day, to appreciate, love, laugh… fuck I try, but sometimes I am my biggest struggle.

How about some general “news”?

  • Noid is alive and well, working hard as always. He actually read a book while we were visiting his folks which I am happy about. He doesn’t often have the time. Noid is very committed to providing for all of us and it has been a hard year. We trust this year is going to kick into overdrive soon! One must live in hope. Noid is currently the yellow cap holder on a few Superbru pools so he is most chuffed with himself. 🙂 Boys never really grow up hey? Noid, his brother Darryl and his Dad, Tjaart played golf twice while we were in Swellendam. Both times the temperatures was in the high 30’s so I think it may be a family problem indicating madness. Btw, Swellendam Golf Club is way cheap and the second cheapest bar in town! LOL The bowls club is the cheapest, just incase you ever very thirsty while in Swellendam. Oh! Noid has been very proper and I got roses twice in one week. 🙂
  • Johannesburg-20130223-02017
  • Kev moved into his own cottage in January. It has taken some getting use to for us both, but I think I cry more than he does. I find it difficult to let go….but such is the circle of life, right? I feel proud of him for being 19 years old, surviving as an IT geek, living on his own and having his own transport. I did something right that my son can fly solo, that was my job as I saw it. Kev goes to the local Liverpool FC supporters club and I have met up with him there for a tequila once or twice. 🙂 He is also known for picking up the guitar and playing “Mr Jones”. I love it when he plays guitar. It reminds me of my Dad and that Kevin is part of him also.
  • Liam James is doing very well at school and I am happy that he has taken on an additional subject, History as it was my favourite at school. He has matured so much and there are but a few traces left of the boy. Liam plays darts for the Gauteng region and is kicking ass. He is such a handsome boy, always has a question or comment, is really funny and quick! While at the optometrist, it was found that he has a growth behind his eye. We seeing a specialist on Monday. The word “growth” scares me. It just does. I don’t see Liam as often as I would like for a number of reasons, but he is happy where he is.
  • Victoria is now in High School. I don’t think she has much of a choice but to take it seriously. LOL I read somewhere that having a gay father as your prime care giver, can be a pain in the ass as gay men appear to have a greater sence of detail. So you may have to do a project twice … and not paste a random picture over a spelling mistake, like when you grow up with Wenchy. LOL It amuses me, but Victoria is flourishing and is a lady with a mission. If the Black Sash was still in existence, I think missy would sign up. 🙂 I don’t see Victoria as often either as she is growing up and has either school projects, or has her own things going on. I do love spending time with her. She is so bright and actually quite frank.
  • We have not seen Nic for ages but do chat to him online, Douglas and Jenna-Lee visit every second weekend and will be with us during some of the upcoming holidays. Douglas will be going to High School next year, so the search is on. Schools are so expensive! Douglas is a very clever kid and a gifted sportsman (like his Dad) and I know he will excel wherever he goes.
  • Dear Kyle turned 20 recently and I felt way old! Kyle finished school last year, is working with his brother, Jedd. He is as always a joy in my life – always lifting me up. Since his motor cycle accident late last year, he doesn’t have his own transport, so I also don’t see Kyle as often but I did see him the day after his birthday. He is a good kid, working out hard and is aiming for an upcoming bodybuilding competition.
  • Our Kyla is counting down to her 20th birthday later this month. Ky does not want to be a teenager and to her 20 is important.  Kyla is a joy to have around, she always helps, makes me laugh and is a fierce Liverpool FC supporter, like Kevin.  She loves to sleep, she works very hard and puts her heart into what she does. Oh, she is not a morning person, she makes a mean tuna salad and has introduced me to lovely new people whom I have grown very fond off. I am very proud to be called “Mom”.
  •  The Sunday Rosebank Rooftop Market remains open and is 20 years old! I really do love the market as a visitor and a trader but have decided to take a hiatus from my Tranquil Body Treats “shop” in Rosebank while they are doing renovations. You are welcome to e-mail me your orders as we did before.
  • We were very blessed to be able to see Noid’s parents and siblings last week  in Swellendam – as mentioned earlier. Jenni (Noid’s sister) has THE CUTEST little house ever. It is so arty and earthy and just adorable. I really loved it, with a view of Cape Town harbour and just an edge of Table Mountain. We had a divine lunch there just after landing in Cape Town. Thank you Jenni! Noid’s Mom should truly have a B&B as she treats you with so much love and excess in her giving. Their retirement cottage (it is a house, but I like to call it cottage as it is so darling from outside) is beautifully done with pictures of all of us everywhere, beautiful quotes, paintings my mom in law has painted, gorgeous bits and pieces inside and out. I would LOVE to retire in style like that!

I wish you enough,


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The Witness by Nora Roberts

The WitnessThe Witness by Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, well – as all Nora Roberts books you have the ‘crime’ theme and a sideline of a ‘love interest’. At first I thought that to be so predictable until it dawned on me that in life, there is always a “love interest” also. 🙂

I can’t recall a Nora Roberts book I did not enjoy, so yet again, an enjoyable book, however it did not suck me in and keep me turning pages. I picked it up, and could leave it for days before coming back to it.

The character of Abigail/Elizabeth was well developed as a very aloof person due to her upbringing as well as the crime she had witnessed. Her use of language at times I found irritating but from a character point of view, probably very apt.

I give this book a great rating because it was comfortable reading, a smudge predictable but not far fetched. I enjoyed the easy read, not having to think, very relaxing and as a Nora Roberts fan, a good escape.

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