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Thoughts of an almost 40 year old Mom to her many children. – Part 1/?

Dear delightful many children,

Nick, Kyla, Kyle, Kev, Liam James and Victoria,

This birthday is huge inside me. My father, the grandfather Johan you never met, never made it to 40. Granny Von says her life only truly started at 40…and me? Well … we shall see.

Thoughts, lessons and rambling words as I approach my 40th birthday. Don’t put me in a home just yet!

» Never underestimate the power of kindness given or received. Value and offer a kind place to fall. You will be surprised as to where you experience true kindness.

» You all know I have no desire to be a grandmother any year soon. Please! Condoms my darlings. AIDS is not pretty either.

» Do not trust people who whisper. It’s the devil’s language.

» Never chew gum. Especially with your mouth open. It is terribly trashy. Let’s refer from trashy behavior overall…that would include bar fights, general drunken behavior, rudeness and having a cigarette hang from your mouth.

» Always choose acoustic music over synthetic man made sounds. It may be awesome to enhance people feeble attempts at singing (see Kim Kardashian’s single) but it is not music. A guitar, an old style microphone and a man who CAN sing is sex on fire.

» Be accepting and accommodating of other people’s choices however. Be it their race, sexual orientation, music taste or religion. There is no need to patronize. We are not small penis people.

» Your Mom is just a girl who got older. At heart I am 14 and hope I always will be. Doesn’t mean I did not learn huge lessons that hurt like hell to get to 40. Learn from my mistakes and do not repeat it. For instance, don’t marry before at least 25 no matter how grown up and all knowing you feel. Believe me, you don’t wanna know such responsibility before you are ready – emotionally and financially.

» If there is anything you need to hide, it is a great indicator you are fucking up. Stop that. Immediately.

To my friends,

» Step-children will seldom give you the gratitude and respect you deserve. It will be years before they realize how hard you tried and perhaps then they will appreciate your efforts. Life may surprise you however and give you step-children that is accepting and loving and climb into your heart forever.

» Invest time, energy, money, interest and l♡ve into your children, and those borrowed to you that was not born from your body. It is a gift you give yourself.

» When your children leave home, you must celebrate that you have been a great parent giving them valuable life skills to go out, SUCCEED, and make it on their own. Up until you realize that, you are allowed to mourn and have a small cry. It is normal.

I wish you enough,

4 responses to “Thoughts of an almost 40 year old Mom to her many children. – Part 1/?”

  1. You seem to have forgotten some of the children?


    1. Douglas and Jenna-Lee don’t read my blog.


  2. Well said. 40 is fabulous and I’m sure you’re going to rock it.


  3. Hello, I log on to your blogs daily. Your story-telling style
    is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!


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