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My life is very “Lion King” singing a loud rendition of “The circle of life” acapella – a haunting echo through empty spaces and minds.

Everything happened to fast. Steady boyfriend, marriage, budgets, home loans, babies, divorces. Repeat and rinse. Repear and rinse… Need I continue? Liam James started running at 9 months. Why walk if you can run right?

Here I am. Almost 40 and the empty nest season settled with a big gush. No kids living with Noid and I full time. Weekend visits that passes too soon.

I am learning to cook for two. I could have left out the “for two” bit. LOL

We are busy relocating to a smaller place as two people are lost in a four bed roomed house. Neither of us want a pool nor a garden. Noid wants DSTV. I want books and rooibos tea. Settled.

We have outgrown family garments that no longer fit and have embraced a new design which, not being familiar, does not fit all that well as yet, giving way to the silent world of tears.

Thankfully smiles too.

I wish you enough time,

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

8 responses to “…pix mix sweets”

  1. You and Noid is embarking on a new and exciting venture of your future. Just the two of you. Yes, hurts not having your kids around as much as it used to be but you two will learn the pleasures of just being you two.
    Enjoy the shopping for a new place.


    1. Thank you l♡ve. No shopping being done for the new place unfortunately. Money – fresh out. 😦 Everyone else experienced life in later age than me, so it makes logical sense that I would be at this stage first.


  2. A beautifully written piece….as always. I love you my beautiful friend 🙂 xxx


    1. Thank you darling. Day 3 of the move. Will be happy when it is over! So far I think we doing okay.


  3. Good luck with the move – I hate moving.


  4. I can imagine that must be one helluva adjustment!


  5. I think I’m going to convince Juan to stay studying for a long long time still. I cannot get my head around this empty nest monster. Good luck with the big move and we need to see pictures.


    1. Dis baie hartseer.


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