#StarlightExpressSA rehearsal turn into sentimental mush. Me. Not them. They professionals. The script did not say cry here.

Wenchy, Oups Mike & my sister, Rentia
Stel (Wenchy), Oups Mike & my sister, Rentia at Oupa’s 80th birthday Party.

My dearest Oupa Mike,

Today I sat in the rehearsal room at the Jo’burg Theatre being included (no Shirley Bassey, “nose up against the window pane” for me!) in the very first rehearsal for the magical Andrew Lloyd Webber musical yet to take our beautiful land by storm, #StarlightExpressSA – Star Light Express.


I looked at the YOUNG, beautiful, young performers, I listened to them change accents, so much talent, projected voices (remembered that one from the drama classes? I never had an issue with that…. hheheheh) but I thought of you my Oupa. I was there representing the world of social media. You would have LOVED just saying those words to any person who would listen. Even the guy you bought budgie food from. It may not mean much to many, but Oupa to me I just clicked my heels. Never felt so at home so instantly. I feel in love.

I love you like allot, but I am NOT even gonna try explain social media to you.  You will forgive me, anyway – you singing hallelujah choruses all day maybe dance to a bit of harp music? Trust me, it beats taxi kwaito. Please get the pan flutes banned before I arrive. Asseblief! I am totally against it!

Anyway – I was thinking of my piano lessons and the stupid mice that kept eating the felt, the tap dancing I adored, the dramatics of it all… how far my drama lessons was from one side of Potchefstroom to the other….. how you would wait in your little Datsun bakkie for me to finish pretending I am Judy Garland, before I even knew I WAS Judy Garland. All those sports events you attended. Running up and down the netball field. I never forget.

It did not matter if I walked out of my lessons or sports field feeling depleted or elated, you told me how those emotions, good and bad will stand me in good stead. I think you were right, at the time I thought you were just making the drive go faster. I understand MANY emotions and it has helped me be a more REAL person. I don’t fake emotion.. – family trait – if I may mention….not the great pretenders we are. I am sympathetic, I have empathy and the words to go with the hugs – we all know I give the best hugs in the world!!!

Ek het Oupa soooo vreeslik lief en verlang elke dag, maar some kyk ek vir Oupa se klok wat langs my bed staan en ek dink ons albei glimlag dieselfde typd. Send my deepest love to Ouma Chrissie and give her a Crunchie that goes brrrrr in her mouth… and THEN….  do that boeredans where you gentle throw her around the corner and lift up your leg van lekkerkry!! Where you throw your head back and laugh from your stomach. THAT is how I remember you most and when first seeing you after time apart (regardless of age), the outstretched arms, the smile that meets the eyes a million times over and the absolute lekker kry at seeing me. Thirdly, the night my father died. The open arms, the tears and a frail eleven year old falling into you and feeling safe. I wrote the night you died that it was the loneliest night of my life. It remains so.

Never. Not once, was I not proud that you were my grandparents. I do not write that easily and I have thought about it plenty…. I lived with you for eleven years – you never embarrassed me. I was VERY proud *I* am part of you and Ouma. I know I have caused many upsets (met die baie weddings en kinders by dosyne en so………..), many heartaches sometimes doing incredibly stupid stuff  in my life because YOU made me so stubborn (haha!) but Oupa, ek dink ek gaan dit nog seker n hele paar keer doen…. Thank you for always making me feel enough. Everything I needed was already within me. Thank you for making me feel I was all good, accepted and loved beyond my wildest imagination….I know it was a true love. Unconditional. Never earned. Freely given.

Although I did not end up entertaining professionally as a dreamt when I was little, I give a pretty good private performance on a good day. Actually, I have given quite a performance of a life…. and today I got to give it all a look from a different perspective. It was so good Oupa. There is this one dude Bongi, he sang these two lines and I closed my eyes…. a tear just ran over my cheek. It was beyond purity. Beyond beauty. I was so privileged so even hear that. I am so grateful. I wonder if these young people know just HOW talented they are. I will still write a proper blog, but I had to say, thank you Oupa… I owe you one, yes another box of Turkish Delight!

We well all miss you more than much. Mammie is lost… I worrie about her allot, Dad tries to keep her sane… Rentia, Johan en Tayla … ek en Dion en al ons baie kinders, Toy en al hom se kindersn en hulle kinders, Denise en al haar kinders and Elijah James… Oupa sou even van ons derde sussie, Mary-Ann gehou het, sy is classy en blerrie mooi! Ek weet nie hoe mens Oupa nie kon ken en  nie mis nie. DAAI MENSE IS MAL, ek en Rentia is dood normaal. No bi-polar here.

I think you would have been proud of me today. I touched a tiny bit of my personal cabaret, my unending need to write, taking pictures and wait for it…… and I paralleled parked. 🙂 Touch that!

Ek is lief vir jou,

Stel xxx

PS. I am a paradox. Oupa, I think you already know that. I am turning 40. I want a HUGE PARTY, TRUCK LOADS OF GIFT, LOADS OF FLOWERS, CLASSY SERVIETTES….. you know Liberace, but in overdrive, for my birthday………….. but I shy away from the attention at the same time while they sing happy birthday and you cut the cake and make a wish. Is funny that hey? I don’t understand it myself.

Sometimes my spirit feels to big for the body that holds it. We are NOT flush with cash (we just moved) and you of all angels would know how I love to plan a party. I think my Mammie may say my father would have agreed! You know my Mom takes after your sister and doesn’t like people. hahahahah!!! God may tell you what I end up doing for my 40th birthday if He is in a spoiler mood since he knows things before it happens and He is a reliable source… because I think God has a sense of funny. He made Jaco Zuma you know. I think he dreamed nicer things for Hitler. Free choice is a bugger. Sorry if you have like really annoying people in heaven. We have trunk loads here on earth. I will stop marrying them now.

Oh, about the second world war and all, did I mention I am a pretend Jew now? Another day? *sigh* I understand. 🙂

“What if each person on Twitter donated a blanket for the poor.”



In 2010, the drive to bring warmth to the cold, started with a single tweet.

@melanieminnaar posted: “What if each person on Twitter donated a blanket for the poor.”

In 2013 you will find Twitter Blanket Events all over South Africa, and today, 25 May 2013 is the day to deliver in abundance.

The official target this year is to collect 30 000 blankets to keep those less fortunate than ourselves warm.

This is @WenchyAtWork first year donating to, and promoting this event online – all in the space of three days. Why I did not get involved before I have no idea! Thank you for your generous donations, I will be putting your hearts message into each blanket I deliver.

Personally I have chosen to attend the #TBD2013 at @FireandIceMA at 18h00, purely because Melrose Arch is the closest venue to where we live. @FireandIceMA collected 4000 blankets in 2012! I hope the number is even greater this year.

Comedian @RabinHarduth, an Indian, Christian man with a Jewish name, will be hosting the evening with DJ, @DJMisterio on the decks.

A South African legend in a swimsuit, Natalie du Toit, the first amputee ever to qualify for the Olympics, and Daniel Friedman, known on stage as “Deep Fried Man”, who describes his craft as “stand-up comedy with a guitar” will be in attendance.

@FireandIceMA will be rewarding donations with a milkshake voucher. This one has me curious – for some reason I suspect it isn’t lime / vanilla / strawberry! I shall report back with pictures! 🙂

Blankets can be purchased at @FireandIceMA should you have forgotten your blanket at home or like me, woke up late to the party.

The blankets collected at this specific event will be donated to the following non-profit organisations:

·         The House                         http://www.thehousegroup.org
A place of hope for abused youth
·         Little Saints of Bethany                
A Home for abused women & their children
·         Banakekelani Orphanage            
Haven for abandoned children

Wherever in South Africa you drop off your blankets, *smile* and take a picture. We all know about self-photography, don’t be coy. Tweet your pictures to @TBDAfrica using the official hashtag #TBD2013. We all want to share in the individual exciting events!

I wish you warmth, all the winters of your life,
Wεทchƴ¸.¸. ☂¨

Twitter: @TBDAfrica
Hashtag: #TBD2013

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

Dixie Chicks

My younger sister, Rentia and I.

My younger sister, Rentia and I.

For my sister Rentia. Let me write this to take flight on the wind so it will blow into your window this morning my sussie.

I l♡ve you like summer rain.

Dew drops.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Autumn leaves.

Sunshine on a winters day.

Snow in Lesotho.

The colour purple.



Rentia always orders Lime milkshake and no garnish on her plate. I saw yesterday she writes little notes to remind herself of where she went that day and whom she spoke to ’cause her memory isn’t good. She put a giraffe sticker on yesterdays page cause it is my favourite animal.

I am not sure I can make it without her. I watched her *smile* in finding a R10 pair of fluffy socks. Come to me all who is broken hearted and I will give you rest…those words may be in the Bible – but it describes the bravest woman I know.

Rentia sal jou tamatie kassie en hare tot by die treinspoor trek. BRING HOM!!! Sorry Vettie. Dankie Oupa Mike vir daai storie! 🙂

In Rentia I find an invincible summer. She starts where I end, begins where I falter. She picks me up, dusts me off and tell me she will slay the dragons while I watch her not remember her name.

Rentia doesn’t judge, but says what the hell were you thinking suster? She doesn’t live in a glass house. She isn’t intentionally rude but she won’t lie for your benefit, but she doesn’t throw stones. She knows my kids intimately. She makes it her business to ask, find out, talk. She is proudly “Aunty Rencha”.

She made me a godmother to what is most precious to her, her 16 year old daughter, Tayla-Jade. I may not be so good with God but I am so thankful he took the best of Rentia and Joe and made that angel girl.

Rentia forgives. Accepts. Loves her God and tries sincerely to understand my fascination with Judaism. She doesn’t mind that I l♡ve tattooing myself. She says, “that’s Stel!” She doesn’t care if I am loud, or crying. She knows human emotion and it doesn’t scare her. One of the things I l♡ve most about her. Vulnerability is a strength. Anything less is a lie.

You will never say a negative thing about her husband Johan, her daughter, or about our Mammie Yvonne or our Dad Alex. She is especially fiercely protective of my Liam James. Should her physical health allow – she WILL take you out for hurting what is precious to her.

Maybe after all, she is my north, my south, my Sunday rest…

Rensch, I saw how tired you were yesterday. How hard you tried not to show your pain getting in and out of my car. You don’t want sympathy or anybodys sorry. You say this is life, tick the box and move on. Whatever it is, you deal. How proud I am of you.

Calm and full of JOY you were yesterday when we could only get 5 days worth of meds when you need 30 – simply cause we don’t have the money.

You thank me for doing nothing. I thank you for doing everything.

I wish you life in abundance. I hope one day I will kick ass like you and you will say“Must I call my sussie to sort you out?”

When people say you don’t look sick. Please remind them that they don’t look stupid. I l♡ve you from my grey hair to my blue toenails.

l’cнaιм! – reғυaн ѕнleιмa

Stel xxx

PS. No bribery was exchanged for the writing of this blog. 🙂 Just l♡ve.

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

One Moment in time

Dear Reader,

I have always loved the performing arts (thanks Mammie!). As a teenager, I went to see shows on my own – very comfortably in the safety of light, music, entertainment, action! There is a certain magic that comes with the heavy curtain lifting, the first musical note…It brings chills of excitement and expectation.


…. and Wow! Currently on stage at The Mandela at Jo’burg Theatre is a show you do not want to miss. Trending on Twitter in Jo’burg on opening night, #greatestloveofall is the ultimate Whitney Houston tribute. Showtime Australia in association with Mzansi Magic presents us with a performance of note! Heading up the team is Showtime CEO and director John Van Grinsven Snr, Kenny Wizz as Artistic Director and Dale Scheepers as Music Director.

Hopeful artists from 12 countries, 15 000+ auditions and the leads role was awarded to one of our own, Belinda Davids from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Fiercely proudly South African, this alone stood out for me.


Belinda has been performing professionally from the age of 14, has never had vocal training and she blows you away with a 4 octave vocal range. Her fascination with Whitney started as a teenager and she sang her favourite stars songs whenever she could, from local talent shows to overseas performances.


This talented performer takes the audience on a wave of dancing, tears and singing along to well-known hits resulting in spontaneous standing ovations and dancing in the aisles. The clarity in her voice is unbelievable and the opening note to “I will always love you” honestly has you in the palm of her hand. “Run to me” is my personal favourite Whitney Houston song. I have seen #greatestloveofall twice now, and each time I was moved to tears (which we all know I don’t do very silently!)


Ticket prices range from R100 to R250 and the show will be running until 2 June 2013. Direct ticket line is 0861 670 670 or visit the theatre online.

Thank you to everyone who made opening night such fun in the #tweetseats! History in the making. @SirNoid and I had a great time and it was wonderful to be invited to share in such a special occasion!

@joburgtheatre - Opening Night - 9 May  #tweetseats Team @Gnat_J @DonoWhite @tamwhite @NocturnalWenchy @jasonradon @Liesldb @‏@Jodenecoza
@joburgtheatre – Opening Night – 9 May
#tweetseats Team @Gnat_J @DonoWhite @tamwhite @NocturnalWenchy @jasonradon @Liesldb @‏@Jodenecoza

HUGE THANK YOU to @SirNoid for taking his Mom Mary, my daughter, Victoria and I to the performance for Mother’s Day.



#greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall #greatestloveofall

For every girl who ever wanted to dance with somebody who loves her, to every boy who ever wanted his baby for the night.

What is your favourite Whitney Houston song?

Saving all my love for you,

PS. You can “like” Jo’burg Theatre’s page on Face Book to stay up to date with what is happening ……. #StarlightExpressSA is gonna rock this city!


Hello dear readers:

I borrowed this today from Urban Buddha who is taking part in The Simple Woman’s Daybook


Outside my window… is huge trees.

I am thinking… about what to wear to the awards dinner tonight.

I am thankful… that @SirNoid and his team did so well this month. Will help with those targets at year end!

In the kitchen… I smelled toast being made earlier. Not mine however.

I am wearing… PJ’s…. I am bathing in an hour to get ready for tonight.

I am creating… a Face Book album for @laurakim123 and @flavid ‘s wedding.

I am going…to have all these stupid boxes unpacked by the weekend.

I am wondering…how my sister, Rentia is doing. She is fainting again.

I am readingThe perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

I am hoping…all my clients have paid.

I am looking forward to…being part of the new media team Joburg Theatre and seeing every detail of #starlightexpressSA come to life! Blog to follow. 🙂


I am learning …to be the change.

Around the house…is silence.

I am pondering…why?

 A favorite quote for today… If life is a stage, I want better lighting.

One of my favorite things… affection.

 A few plans for the rest of the week: Awards dinner tonight and seeing #greatestloveofall at Joburg Theatre on Thursday…. gym at some point.

A peek into my day… I worked on a rhino poaching project today.

I wish you enough,