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The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary. #14forever

#14 till I do

Dear me,

Happy birthday sweetheart!

What I forget to tell you when you were 20 was that it really didn’t matter all that much that you were not like the people around you. You were so worried about being accepted at by your ‘friends’ at church because your (then) husband drank too much, your kids didn’t go to the ‘right’ school, you were not thin and gorgeous  and you didn’t know all the Bible verses out your head. You didn’t speak softly to your children or thought giving your kids bran muffins was a treat. Very happy you followed your head on that! Bran muffins are for constipation. We now know that.

In reality you cared about the people around you. You gave of yourself as much as you could. You have made some really valuable friends and you have lost many to life and some to death. You do cry ALLOT. Still….you were very open to new experiences, friends and you only once drank too much at Vicky’s cocktail party – holding onto the wall not to fall. Okay that was not really cool, but you were newly divorced, and seriously, in 2o years, who even remembers right? You still kicked ass. 11 blow jobs in a row. You gotta congratulate yourself on that one. Oh and that you didn’t vomit. Also a good thing.

I am glad you continued to follow your heart, although you royally screwed up many times. Sometimes HUGE…. Your kids turned out good. Okay so they have issues. Show me a kid without issues? They suppose to have issues. We all need therapists. Three marriages, two divorces? Your not Elizabeth Taylor okay? Judy Garland. Stop getting married. Just let it be.

One thing I gotta give you, you still have a million dollar smile, a big ass and hips to match (you may wanna continue working on that…..) you do give of yourself – sometimes WAYYYYYY too much and sometimes to the wrong people, but still good show, good show. You still believe vulnerability is to be alive and we still agree on that one, rather feel, than feel nothing at all. You do have the ability to light up the room. The last one your husband said. Not me.

Here’s looking at you kid. I wish you ENOUGH,

Wenchy x

6 responses to “The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary. #14forever”

  1. Happy birthday! The 40s are fabulous, you’ve got lots to look forward to!


  2. Happy happy Bday Wenchy! Life begins at 40 – I promise


  3. HAPPY 40TH! May the next chapter in life be EVERYTHING you wish it to be


  4. I am glad that God have blessed you with 40 years on this earth. You are a wonderful person who inspires me to go on through rough times because of how strong of a person you are.


  5. Happy Birthday Wenchy! I do hope that the next 40 will be as happy as you choose them to be! XOXO


  6. Forty and fabulous!


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