Did you know?

Dear whom ever is reading,

Stuffs about me:

1. I can’t sleep with socks on.

2. I would rather be in pain than feel anxious.

3. I open windows even when it is cold. I like “moving air”.

4. I never cared if the toilet roll was over or under, until I met Noid. He prefers it over. It now irritates me when toilet paper isn’t over. I find myself “correcting” it everywhere I go. Sometimes we fold little triangles on the last block like in hotels. 🙂 It makes me *smile*. Okay, we have not done that in a long time. Still, it was cute.

5. I l♡ve cooked baby onions.

6. I don’t eat beetroot.

7. I don’t understand people praying for Madiba to get better. The man is greatly loved by so many, and I would l♡ve if he could just live forever, but he is 95. Give the poor man a break. He is tired of saving the world now.

8. My favourite animal is a giraffe.

9. My “ahhh cute” button for tweens ,teenagers and basically anybody who giggles, squeaks or makes *that* face is broken. I favour silence.

10. I l♡ve hot chocolate in winter with a bit of a marshmallows.

11. I have a “fear” of singing out loud at the gym. Not that I have been lately.

12. My first father in law died recently. It was a weird feeling as you are connected, but your not.

13. The past few days have been very difficult. I have been in pain. It annoys me but at least with my new venture, I and log on from anywhere.

14. Wεทchƴ¸.¸. ҉¨ is about to become a brand. Who knew?

15. Some things in my life has changed so drastically, I can’t remember my life with those things in it.

Question: Would you attend your x persons funeral?

I wish you enough,

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

A tear for your thoughts.

To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” W. Blake

Pain. All consuming. There was breathe after the worst of days. I will breathe again.

I wish you….enough.
Wεทchƴ¸.¸. ҉¨

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

The Girl With The Pearl Earring

“Writing is hard. Not as hard as not writing.

Not writing is torturous, bloody, chaotic and a gruesome winless battle.

A writer who writes, knows peace, lives connected to truth.

Not writing is ache, betrayal, death of the soul and imagination.”

Coco J. Ginger


I imagine how drag queens feel. Pulling the hair back. Plastered faces, drawn eyebrows, lips – glitter.

Put on the mask, dazzle the show, *smile*, wave, blow kisses and wash it all off until a barren face looks back.

Empty again.

New canvas to paint afresh. Put on a pearl earring.

I wish you enough,
Wεทchƴ¸.¸.  ҉¨


Funny, how a lonely day
Can make a person say
What good is my life

Funny, how a breaking heart
Can make me start to say
What good is my life

Funny, how I often seem
To think I’ll find another dream
In my life

Till I look around and see
This great big world is part of me
And my life

This is my life, today, tomorrow
Love will come and find me
But that’s the way that I was born to be
This is me, this is me

This is my life and I don’t
Give a damn for lost emotions
I’ve such a lot of love, I’ve got to give
Let me live, let me live

Sometime when I feel afraid
I think of what a mess I’ve made
Of my life

Crying over my mistakes
Forgetting all the breaks I’ve had
In my life

I was put on earth to be
A part of this great world is me
And my life

Guess I’ll just add up the score
And count the things I’m grateful for
In my life

This is my life, today, tomorrow
Love will come and find me
But that’s the way that I was born to be
This is me, this is me

This is my life and I don’t
Give a damn for lost emotions
I’ve such a lot of love, I’ve got to give
Let me live, let me live

This is my life
– (Shirley Bassey sings my favourite)

Where chuckles, fudge & white chocolate meet. Sounds oraait to me! #StarlightExpressSA

I asked some of the cast members a few trivial questions on what they like, love and splurge on when not skating on #StarlightExpressSA at @Joburgtheatre:

Nintendo, the Shinkansen bullet train engine from Japan

(with Buffy, the buffet coach – my son Liam James and my husband Noid LOVES Buffy!)


Hi girly.

My favourite flower: the Protea.
Favourite colour: grey.
Favourite chocolate: Woolworths Chukkels, and;
I splurge: allot on shoes… I have a lot.


The Big Hopper, Dustin

(third from the left, and third from the right!)

Michael Riff Themba (Red Caboose), Jarryd Nurden (Hip Hopper

My favourite flower: Barberton daisy.
Favourite colour: Red.
Favourite chocolate: I don’t eat chocolate anymore (tell you why in person – top-secret Weslee!  – Wenchy) so now I stuff myself with fudge or jelly tots, and;
I splurge: Toughie: books, food (who’da thunk) and clothes. 🙂

Huge thank you to the cast of #StarlightExpressSA for being so open and available to the #newmedia team (and @NocturnalWenchy aka Stalker) at @Joburgtheatre!


Wenchy, Queen of self photography, Social Media Diva and tattooed stalker.


8 March 2013 051

My favourite flower:  Yellow Roses and Sunflowers
Favourite colour: Purple!
Favourite chocolate: White chocolate – proper, not cheap crappy imitations  and;
I splurge: BOOKS! Books!…. and mugs. I collect mugs.

I wish you enough money to splurge!

PS. Forgive errors! I typed this at 2am and scheduled it to run at 8am. LOL

Believing in belief.


“One day, a girl was sitting on a bench next to an old man, and she said, “I’ve gotta tell ya’, mister, that’s an awfully boring tattoo on your arm there. It’s just a bunch of numbers.”

The man looks at her, and says, “Well, I got it when I was your age, and I kept it as a reminder.” The girl smiles, saying, “Oh, a reminder of happier times?”

The man shakes his head sadly, and says, “No…of a time when the world went mad. Imagine yourself in a land where your countrymen followed the voice of political extremists who didn’t like your religion. Imagine having everything taken from you, and being sent to a camp as slave labour, then systematically murdered. In this place, they even take your name and replace it with a number tattooed on your arm. It was called the Holocaust, where millions of people perished just because of their faith…”

The girl, stunned, start to cry. She asks, “So you kept it to remind yourself of the dangers of political extremism?”

The man shakes his head again. “No, my dear. To remind you.” – Unknown


Religion is a funny thing. Well, I guess you don’t say that when your ass is stuck in hell. If the powers were kind, I can hope we are at least put according to our musical tastes as my Kevin would say… but I think I will be listening to pigs squealing and Kevin to Patsy Cline.

Plenty introspection for me at the moment with regards to ‘belief’. Since “The Wall” (see Shirley Valentine for details on how to communicate with Wall or rock) answered and “You are the Starlight” keeps playing in my head. Not quite ready to share deeper than that.

If faith is believing in something you cannot see – what is it that made you believe in whatever your belief is?

I wish you enough,


…and then life whistled at me. @Lifeology #StarlightExpressSA

An old friend, Fi ( @figs_home ) wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers for years now. She often mentioned that we would really like each other. For some reason it just never happened….. until I replied to a tweet regarding the @Joburgtheatre and Jodene @Jodenecoza ) responded. We instantly clicked!

I have had two professional role models in my life Jyoti Moti who worked very closely with me at AForbes, a kick ass perfectionist successful consultant, and my x brother-in-law, Kevin Trudgeon who is one of the top Tax Lawyers in the country…. and here I literally clicked onto the third that would take me to a place where I knew for sure, THIS is what I wanted to be when I grow up.  Jodene Shaer of @LifeologySA .

Jodene invited to an event or two, @NocturnalWenchy was alive and well, tapped into her resources and for once I was allowed to be on my phone all I like! Small part of heaven. Even @SirNoid and @ZippyFairy helped tweet. Thank you. I appreciate the support endlessly!

I had been wanting to get more involved in Social Media. I wanted to analyse, manage accounts, review, visit events, wear glitter, write and dabble in photography, walk in soft lighting – so ….when @LifeologySA presented me with an opportunity to freelance, I grabbed it with both hands, holding a phone in one, a camera around my neck and a Galaxy pad in the other! (… and currently begging @SirNoid for his old one when he upgrades as I need more “hands”.)


Jodene & Wenchy

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity, and the beautiful people I have met, the twitter followers who keep on coming and share my excitement and the Face Book friends who are so supportive and always encouraging my growth as a person, especially my BFF, Wil, Charms and Vicky, I love you… and my Mammie and my two sisters, Mary-Ann and Rentia. Also, a huge thank you to the small business accounts I am assisting with Face Book and Twitter. You mean so much to me. THANK YOU!

HUGE thank you to @SirNoid who is getting use to me not being at home every single night and my greatest thanks goes to @Jodeansa and @ohgodknows for taking a chance on me. (Abba playing in your head yet….?)

The greatest experience in these few short months has been getting more involved with @Joburgtheatre and the amazing non replica production of #StarlightExpressSA.  I have followed the journey from the first reading, to watching the TV advert being filmed to rehearsals and technical rehearsals and having loved theatre before…. I am now safely in love with the red curtain, the glitter and the truth that music speaks to your soul.

In my personal experience you have to see #StarlightExpressSA as the MEGA musical ever to come to the South African stage because as a regular theatre lover, I have never seen anything like it. The performers are in top form – singing, dancing, performing – all on rollerskates, the music is Andrew Lloyd Webber, need I say more? The two performers that I really connected with is Weslee (Dustinsee my previous interview with him, https://twitter.com/WesleeLauder ) and Bongi (Poppa https://twitter.com/Bongi_Mthombeni ). That man has a velvet, unbelievable voice and has been my Mammie’s BBM picture since yesterday!

1-Opening night 7 July 2013 373

Wenchy & Weslee (picture taken by @ZippyFairy)

1-Opening night 7 July 2013 346

Weslee & Bongi (picture taken by the fabulous @NocturnalWenchy hehehehe)

Starlight Express can be seen at the Jo’burg Theatre during the week at 8pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 8pm and on Sundays at 2pm and runs until 1 September 2013. Prices range from R100 to R380  – Children as well as adults will be left wanting more!  You can purchase tickets on their web site.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…. (the music never stops!)

I wish you enough,


An Appetite for Peas

An Appetite for PeasAn Appetite for Peas by Casey B. Dolan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As many good things start, reading Casey’s book was mentioned in a tweet. After chatting to Casey and finding her delightfully real, the review was on!

“An Appetite for Peas” is Casey’s journey in becoming who she is today within herself, coming to terms with an imperfect childhood, how much need humans have to be wanted …. and dare I say loved as well as her realising her professional aspirations.

Being gorgeous (have you seen this girl?) – FHM’s 2nd hottest woman didn’t excite me, as I will never be a FHM anything – so massive jealousy there! However, when you read her feelings regarding, why she made the decisions she made, you come to understand that all that glitters is not gold.

Casey writes about young sexuality and the power she felt it had over the male species. Believe it not, as a teenager I was not the size of a large African country, and identified with her writing 100%. I too used sensual and seductive charms to make me feel powerful, wanted, loved, – and unfortunately as she agrees, it leaves one empty.

I did laugh and cry reading the book because her writing is real. She doesn’t write clinically about sex, neither sleazy. She found a middle ground without taking away from either. She writes about complex family relationships and being a child  of divorce with truth. I found her accounts quite touching to be honest. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. The heartache and the joy. Our stories have many shared emotions.

I admired her determination in getting what she wanted, a career on radio and how hard she fought for what is clearly her passion. One would have thought that being so gorgeous you just get everything on a plate, but I guess not. A bit of a wake up call there for me. Oh so thin, gorgeous people also have issues and problems?

Total admiration that she wrote what she did while the characters are all still very much alive. Although they are given nicknames, I am very sure the characters know who they are – I think that takes courage…. one of the main reasons I have not written my story as I have been asked so often to do. I am waiting for people to die! LOL

Besides that the characters are very real people, she also develops them well to the reader and often gives insight that perhaps only came to her as an adult. Again, I identified with that.

Two things that bothered me about the book: a) There were chapters where it felt like the writing was ‘jumping’ a bit from one place to the next. I soon found my footing again, but it was distracting. b) I would have loved to see photographs, because yes, I am nosey – but one can understand not including such… 🙂

I enjoyed the read and would recommend it. It is one of those books where you put it down and you think, “I am not the only one.”

Coffee as agreed, next time you in Jozi Casey!

I wish you enough,