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An Appetite for Peas

An Appetite for PeasAn Appetite for Peas by Casey B. Dolan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As many good things start, reading Casey’s book was mentioned in a tweet. After chatting to Casey and finding her delightfully real, the review was on!

“An Appetite for Peas” is Casey’s journey in becoming who she is today within herself, coming to terms with an imperfect childhood, how much need humans have to be wanted …. and dare I say loved as well as her realising her professional aspirations.

Being gorgeous (have you seen this girl?) – FHM’s 2nd hottest woman didn’t excite me, as I will never be a FHM anything – so massive jealousy there! However, when you read her feelings regarding, why she made the decisions she made, you come to understand that all that glitters is not gold.

Casey writes about young sexuality and the power she felt it had over the male species. Believe it not, as a teenager I was not the size of a large African country, and identified with her writing 100%. I too used sensual and seductive charms to make me feel powerful, wanted, loved, – and unfortunately as she agrees, it leaves one empty.

I did laugh and cry reading the book because her writing is real. She doesn’t write clinically about sex, neither sleazy. She found a middle ground without taking away from either. She writes about complex family relationships and being a child  of divorce with truth. I found her accounts quite touching to be honest. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. The heartache and the joy. Our stories have many shared emotions.

I admired her determination in getting what she wanted, a career on radio and how hard she fought for what is clearly her passion. One would have thought that being so gorgeous you just get everything on a plate, but I guess not. A bit of a wake up call there for me. Oh so thin, gorgeous people also have issues and problems?

Total admiration that she wrote what she did while the characters are all still very much alive. Although they are given nicknames, I am very sure the characters know who they are – I think that takes courage…. one of the main reasons I have not written my story as I have been asked so often to do. I am waiting for people to die! LOL

Besides that the characters are very real people, she also develops them well to the reader and often gives insight that perhaps only came to her as an adult. Again, I identified with that.

Two things that bothered me about the book: a) There were chapters where it felt like the writing was ‘jumping’ a bit from one place to the next. I soon found my footing again, but it was distracting. b) I would have loved to see photographs, because yes, I am nosey – but one can understand not including such… 🙂

I enjoyed the read and would recommend it. It is one of those books where you put it down and you think, “I am not the only one.”

Coffee as agreed, next time you in Jozi Casey!

I wish you enough,

6 responses to “An Appetite for Peas”

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my book, you have captured the journey perfectly and seeing you relate make’s my possible overshare worthwhile! See ya in Joeys and keep the reviews rolling x


    1. You made my day. 🙂 Thank you for writing what many is too scared to admit they feel. Btw, there is no such thing as overshare in my world. You are in good company!


  2. It seems I will have to read this.


  3. Seems like I’ll have to read this as well then. We all have issues and problems – it has nothing to do with what your mirror or scale reflects.


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