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Did you know?

Dear whom ever is reading,

Stuffs about me:

1. I can’t sleep with socks on.

2. I would rather be in pain than feel anxious.

3. I open windows even when it is cold. I like “moving air”.

4. I never cared if the toilet roll was over or under, until I met Noid. He prefers it over. It now irritates me when toilet paper isn’t over. I find myself “correcting” it everywhere I go. Sometimes we fold little triangles on the last block like in hotels. 🙂 It makes me *smile*. Okay, we have not done that in a long time. Still, it was cute.

5. I l♡ve cooked baby onions.

6. I don’t eat beetroot.

7. I don’t understand people praying for Madiba to get better. The man is greatly loved by so many, and I would l♡ve if he could just live forever, but he is 95. Give the poor man a break. He is tired of saving the world now.

8. My favourite animal is a giraffe.

9. My “ahhh cute” button for tweens ,teenagers and basically anybody who giggles, squeaks or makes *that* face is broken. I favour silence.

10. I l♡ve hot chocolate in winter with a bit of a marshmallows.

11. I have a “fear” of singing out loud at the gym. Not that I have been lately.

12. My first father in law died recently. It was a weird feeling as you are connected, but your not.

13. The past few days have been very difficult. I have been in pain. It annoys me but at least with my new venture, I and log on from anywhere.

14. Wεทchƴ¸.¸. ҉¨ is about to become a brand. Who knew?

15. Some things in my life has changed so drastically, I can’t remember my life with those things in it.

Question: Would you attend your x persons funeral?

I wish you enough,

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

4 responses to “Did you know?”

  1. Loved reading this post! I also never worried about the under or over toilet roll thingy, until I met Giles….now it drives me insane if its under!! I have also been know to “correct” it in certain places…LOL
    It was so lovely to bump into you on Friday. Even though you were very evidently in pain, you looked as beautiful as ever!! Loves xxx


  2. I get a little claustrophobic without moving air. but then I have allergies so it’s like I feel I need the extra air.

    congratulations on the Wenchy branding!


  3. I would and have. My ex mother-in-law passed away 2 years ago and I schlepped all the way down to Knysna to be there. I loved her as a mother, and needed to give her the respect I knew she would have given me. She still called me her daughter after 4 years. But at the same time, it was a really odd experience and I felt like a spare wheel somehow. It reminded me too much of the life I left behind, and reinforced that I made the right decision (getting divorced that is).


  4. I’d attend one or two ex-people’s funerals. Not all of them. Some of them I would not even consider (yes, the parting was that bad). My ex-girlfriend’s mom was like a mother to me. We still talk and I still love her to bits. I’m with you on the Madiba thing. The guy has done enough. Let him rest.


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