Adrift on the Open Veld

I understand why premature babies die when they have little human contact. Flesh on flesh warmth.

Perhaps similar tactics are used when prisoners are placed in solitary confined.

All walls are not defined.

I wish you enough,

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

4 thoughts on “Adrift on the Open Veld”

  1. I think that is the cruellest of all sins, the worst of all situations to be in. That is, according to me, utter loneliness. That is also where the saying ‘loneliness may make for strange bedfellows’ come in.

    To all supposed ‘partners’ out there… If this is where you have left your partner … Watch out. Red danger lights flickering. No man/woman is an island.

    There is ALWAYS somebody out there willing to touch and care …


  2. Hey Wenchy. I am a regular follower. We don’t know each other and I have no idea what has happened to place you in this space but I wish you hugs, strength and clarity to find your way through. T.


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