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Lighting up the Stars of Jo’burg!

Hello my friends,

It is no secret that I have made a very real and personal connection with the masterpiece that is #StarlightExpressSA, its cast and #newmedia! It therefore gives me the greatest of pleasure to invite you to participate in a competition to spend Wednesday evening, 21 August 2013 enjoying this MEGA show by answering one simple question.

1. The winner will receive two tickets to #StarlightExpressSA at @Joburgtheatre.

2. Tickets need to by collected on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 between 7pm and 7h30pm from the Box Office.

3. The winner has to answer the question correctly. All correct answers will go into a hat, winner drawn… and it may just be you! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 at 6pm.

4. Only answers posted on my blog will count. No Twitter, Face Book, You Tube, Instagram, Smoke Signal or even BBM answers will be in the running. STRICTLY blog entries only! 🙂

Simple right?

The question is:

Who is the official sponsor of #StarlightExpressSA, that made it possible for @Joburgtheatre to bring this Andrew Lloyd Webber spectacular to our stage?

I wish you enough,


13 responses to “Lighting up the Stars of Jo’burg!”

  1. victoria trudgeon avatar
    victoria trudgeon

    City power


  2. Mnet and people magazine


  3. Nomonde Matiwane avatar
    Nomonde Matiwane

    Starlight Express is sponsord by CITY POWER.


  4. Wow Chris had to search for this one, hope it’s the right one,The South African production is sponsored by Joburg City Power and MNET.
    Holding thumbs!
    Cheers Jenny


  5. City Power, Mnet & People Magaxine


    1. Your blog is always awesome


      1. Thank you! I had to reply to that fabulous comment. I am most pleased and humbled.

        I am not approving any other comments so that the answer will be revealed tomorrow evening at 6pm! #StarlightExpressSA How I love that show!

        Good luck!


  6. Dearest Wendy

    Thanks for giving the people of this CITY the POWER the enjoy world class service, shows and song (and rollerskating).

    Me and the missus would love to attend #StarlightExpressSA  @Joburgtheatre ..




  7. seeheartouchtastesmell avatar

    Reblogged this on seeheartouchtastesmell.


  8. City Power is the sponsor


  9. hellooo there,

    My answer is: Joburg City Power and MNET



  10. CityPowerJHB


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