Antici……pation! @Beefcakes_JHB at @TasteofJoburg – Final Giveaway!

1-Fullscreen capture 20130912 062301 PMHello darlings,

Today as we verge on the weekend I have kept the most luscious @TasteofJoburg Restaurant for last:

I will let @Beefcakes_JHB speak for themselves:

In 1959 a practically nude man, oiled, with rippling muscles, struck a pose and the camera went ‘click’. The Beefcake was born! Since that moment men (and yes, women too!) have been admiring the male form and drooling over their fine physics.

Meanwhile hungry Americans were creating a mouthwatering jaw-dropping masterpiece to fill their ever increasing waists ; a half-pound beef burger appropriately named a Beefcake.

What better way to combine both fine form and fine food than at Beefcakes Burger Bar. Inspired by the heydays of the 50’s and the trend setting styles of Miami’s South Beach where Flamingo’s flock to be surrounded by camp chic and a touch of madness

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Featuring Mr Gay South Africa 2014 Finalist, @Gordon_Grieve as the Manager of the Johannesburg Beefcakes branch, you can only just imagine why this is such a popular hangout.


Executive Chef, Wonderful Ndhlovu creates masterpieces named “Sugar Daddy”, “Greek God” and “Muscle Mary” …..who knows what will be served up by your topless, gorgeous waitron? How does this sound?

BROKEBACK – Pitch a tent for this camp-style feast! Spicy chorizo sausage sliced and placed on top of melted mature cheddar cheese, and caramalised onion.

It makes me the room service all the way diva want to grab a tent and pitch!


The happy endings with Priscilla Queen of the Dessert will have me singing “I am who I am” until you beg for mercy!

Today is your day to get lucky. Leg on over…. and enter the competition that has many tickets to Bitchy Bingo and Drag… and I’m not talking racing!

1. For Fore Play, make sure you have liked the Twitter and/or Facebook accounts of both @Beefcakes_JHB and @TasteofJoburg.

2. Answer this easy question: @Gordon_Grieve is the Manager of which restaurant with Wonderful Ndhlovu as their Executive Chef? Click on “leave a comment” at the top of the page, and leave your answer in the comment section.

3. I will be giving away FIVE sets of two tickets… so you have to enter NOW! It will be a rough ride to the end…

4. The draw will be TONIGHT at 9pm.

I wish you enough,

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  1. Hottie Gordon Grieve is the manager of Beefcakes Jhb and Wonderful Ndhlovu the Executive Chef for the same Beefcakes Jhb. Here’s to me winning!!! Thank you!


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