Another VIP Winner! Thank you #jhbpride!

Wow, hello my friends! – With the generosity of the organisers for #jhbpride 2013, I have been able to draw another winner:

Jessica Cramer you have won two VIP tickets to #jhbpride 2013. Please send us lotsa tweets (add me @NocturnalWenchy) so I can experience the pride VIP style with you. Congrats!!!

Please e-mail me at your e-mail address and phone number to forward to the pride organisers.

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Some history I read:

The first-ever African Gay and Lesbian  Pride Parade took place in Johannesburg in 1990. Fewer than a thousand people  attended. Some wore paper bags over their heads so as not be identified. In  subsequent years, Joburg Pride has grown in size and visibility.

In 2003, there were almost 20 000 participants. While it has also become  less political and more celebratory in nature, the Pride Parade remains, at its  core, a call for gay and lesbian equality and recognition of the nation’s rich  diversity.

In early 2007, a new section 21 non-profit company was formed to create a  world-class pride celebration.

South Africa’s 1996 Constitution is the first and only Constitution in the  world that explicitly guarantees protection from discrimination on the grounds  of sexual orientation. But despite many changes to the laws, lesbian and gay  people still experience discrimination in their homes, communities and  workplaces.

Pride is an international tradition, celebrated in most major cities around  the world. This usually consists of a parade or march, and associated  entertainment, social and educational events that aim to raise the visibility of  gays and lesbians. Pride also serves as a celebration of the LGBT community and  in many countries has become a significant local and international destination  event.


Winner! VIP Ticket Give-away! Johannesburg Pride Event :)


Hello dear friends –

The winner of two VIP #jhbpride tickets : Lara Oberholzer! I hope you will have a most fantastic time. Please e-mail me on : your e-mail address and phone number to pass on. ENJOY!

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PS. A bit of trivia as to how the rainbow became the symbol of gay rights! Do notice the mention of the fabulous Judy Garland in the article below 🙂


When and why did the rainbow become a symbol of gay rights? The original article is below.

 Forrest Wickman is a Slate staff writer. Email him at

Streets around the world will be decked in rainbows this week as the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community celebrates LGBT Pride Month. Why is gay pride represented by rainbows?

Closeted gay people historically used bright colors to signal their homosexuality to each other. Oscar Wilde was famous for wearing a trademark green carnation on his lapel, and the flower is thought to have been used by him and other Londoners and Parisians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to quietly express their orientation. Novelist Robert Hitchens described the phenomenon in 1894’s The Green Carnation, and the book in part spurred Wilde’s trial for sodomy. Yellow was used for the same purpose in Australia. According to the book Sunshine and Rainbows, a study of gay culture in Queensland, “If you wanted to attract the attention of the same sex, displaying a pair of bright yellow socks often did the trick.” During the Holocaust, gay men were forced to wear pink triangles, and that symbol has since been reclaimed by the gay community. Purple also became a popular symbol of gay pride in the 1960s and 1970s, when San Franciscans tried to make a symbol of “the Purple Hand” and gay Bostonians put up posters emblazoned with a purple rhino.

The rainbow, however, wasn’t popularized as an official symbol of the gay community until the 1970s. In 1978, San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker designed what is believed to be the first modern gay pride flag by combining eight stripes, each a different color with its own symbolism: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit. When he wanted to manufacture the flag for sale, he found that hot pink wasn’t as available as the other colors, and so the flag dropped to seven colors. Baker later dropped indigo to maintain an even number, and the flag arrived at its contemporary six colors. When San Francisco gay activists marched to protest the 1978 assassination of city supervisor Harvey Milk, they marched with Baker’s flags.

Pop culture also gave the rainbow resonance with gay activists, perhaps because of Judy Garland and her signature song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Garland was a major star to the gay community throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Gay men came out in droves for her performances, and, from World War II forward, many in the LGBT community referred to themselves as “friends of Dorothy,” a phrase that seems to have derived from Garland’s performance in The Wizard of Oz. The pivotal riots at the Stonewall Inn occurred just hours after Garland’s funeral, and her death may have helped provoke the unrest. Garland had earlier bragged, “When I die I have visions of fags singing ‘Over the Rainbow’ and the flag at Fire Island being flown at half mast.” Garland died in 1969, before the popularization of the modern LGBT flag, but some Fire Island houses were reportedly draped in black.

Of course, rainbows and rainbow flags carry significance outside the LGBT community. The rainbow is an important symbol in the Bible, representing a promise of peace from God to Noah, and some Christian groups have used that symbol in their iconography. The German anti-Lutheran leader Thomas Müntzer flew a rainbow flag during the Peasant War in an effort to show that God was on his movement’s side. Hippies sometimes used a rainbow flag when marching for peace in the 1960s and 1970s, which may have helped inspire Baker’s design.

VIP Ticket Give-away! The 24th annual LGBTIAQ Johannesburg Pride Event

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Hello my friends,

It appears a rainbow party all week-long with the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on until the 27th of October 2013 at Hyde Park, as well as #jhbpride kicking off with its Pre-Party on Wednesday night at Café Culture in Fourways. Glitter for everyone!

To add to the fun for so many of my friends and followers, I have two VIP tickets to give away for added sparkle to the 24th annual LGBTIAQ Johannesburg Pride Event:

VIP tickets Include:

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Pre–Party on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 at the fabulous Café Culture in Fourways. Between 18h30 and 20h30 snacks and Stoli Cocktails will be served and I am sure the party doesn’t end there!

(I have no idea what a Stoli Cocktail is so tweet me a pic at @NocturnalWenchy please! Oh, as I write this I am ten followers away from 3 000! Make my day…! Follow me on Twitter dammit.)

VIP Tickets include Pride VIP parking (I looked at the map, you want this!), access to Pride VIP Garden (right next to the stage), food hall, spirit & shooter bar, MR GSA, Pink Loerie Wine Bar (that just sounds fancy), the media and celebrity hangout…. where I am sure you may find the awesome @Gordon_Grieve… (from Beefcakes – yes, I am shameless…) no secret my money is on him for a MR GSA win!

For those not lucky enough to win tickets, they can be purchased from Webtickets (conveniently you can also purchase tickets for the Beauty and Wellbeing Expo at Webtickets – awesome PRODUCT give-aways next week… Yay!).

So, to win two VIP tickets to attend #jhbpride in style, please answer this easy question in the comment section of my fabulous blog. Right hand corner of the blog post darlings who couldn’t find it before. 🙂

The winner will be selected by a random draw and will be announced on Tuesday afternoon, 22 October at 16h00.

Question: Where can you purchase your VIP Pride tickets to show your true colours at #jhbpride?

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“I’m a supporter of gay rights.  And not a closet supporter either.  From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community.  There are so many qualities that make up a human being… by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.”
―     Paul Newman

Beauty and Wellbeing Expo Ticket giveaway – Who is going? EVERYONE!

Hello my friends,

I love being able to spoil people! The ticket give-away for @bwellbeingexpo #itsallaboutyou has been won by:

1. Blackhoff
2. Denise Cross
3. Jassika Sheikh
4. Carin

Each person will receive two tickets to @bwellbeingexpo that will be e-mailed to you.

Congratulations and ENJOY!

I wish you enough,

Ticket give-away for the Beauty & Wellbeing Expo

Hello friends,

I love my self proclaimed “spa days” but it doesn’t begin to touch what is on offer at the Beauty & Wellbeing Expo that is taking place from the 26th – 27th October 2013 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

For bookings and a full list of exhibitors, please visit:

“A lot of time and care went into selecting our exhibitors,” says Beauty & Wellbeing Organiser, Phillip Wood. “Our four main focus areas are ‘Hair and Beauty’, ‘Health & Fitness, ‘Spa’ and ‘Medical Aesthetics’ and it was important for us to find those companies and organisations that not only represented these different elements of the show, but would also be able to offer our visitors something special and unique.”

The Beauty & Wellbeing Expo will feature the following:

The leading professional skincare brands, consumer brands and outlets.

Professional hair care & related consumer brands.
Spa Village – an area featuring the leading Spas in Africa. You will also be able to experience a spa treatment in one of our purpose-built treatment rooms. 

Fitness, health, well-being and nutrition zone. 

Live stage demonstrations featuring the latest trends in hair and beauty treatments.

Medical Aesthetics treatments. 

Holistic Beauty Zone 

Expo Times are as follows:
Saturday, 26 October 2013: 09h30 – 17h00 
Sunday, 27 October 2013:   09h30 – 16h00
I have two tickets to give away to a the Beauty & Wellbeing Expo!! Later in the week I will also be featuring a hamper… Yay!!

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3. Leave the answer to this easy question in the comment space on my blog. (Right hand corner of this post)

4. Draw will take place this coming Tuesday at 3pm.

Question: Where is the Beauty & Wellbeing Expo being held?

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Oh what an afternoon I had! ABC and 123!

Oh my love… or darling friends 🙂

On Saturday my husband @SirNoid went to watch the rugby at Ellis Park (invitation from his work) and I set off to the 3pm show of The BOYS IN THE BAND at Jo’burg Theatre. Yes, I went alone. When other 15 year olds went to movies, I visited the theatre – alone. 🙂 I had missed opening night as I was in the Cape visiting @SirNoid’s folks so I just had to check it out!

I got there early enough so I had the standard ice cream and chocolate sauce from the in-house restaurant, Stages. I have had other dishes there but I LOVE the ice cream. I’ll be the one with a cocktail and ice cream!

I booked my seat very far forward, primarily as I wanted to take pictures with my Galaxy as I am still getting use to it. I don’t know why but I shake too much, so every other picture is a tad blurred! Hate that. Yes you are allowed to take pictures as long as you don’t use your flash.

Well, I sat down with my drink and a group of ladies surrounded me. Sitting two seats away from me was a coloured lady. Perhaps non South African’s may not understand this but our coloured community has a sense of humour like nobody else. The way they speak and their mannerism can be totally hilarious and I was not disappointed. I think I had the best seat in the house and The BOYS IN THE BAND had not even appeared yet.


It was awesome! The BOYS IN THE BAND are Simon Brook McLachlan, Leigh Sleightholme, Vaingana Matapule and Tom Sharah – all from Sydney, Australia. In essence they are four totally individual performers but sang and moved in synch. Dressed in the 50’s style suits they performed songs that I am sure most people know so it was fantastic to sing along and tap your feet…

As their performance continued the lady next to me was getting more and more excited – our four boys not only had the looks, but they had the moves and she was having a ball! She was so funny, even the band members commented from stage! In a proper Cape accent she praised the boys like one would hear in American churches (well, the in the movies I have seen). It was delightful. At one point I was singing and laughing and tapping my feet all at the same time!


In the past fifty years, there have been many synchronized, harmonizing all-male bands, each of them just a bit different from the last. The iconic bands, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Jackson 5, The Bee Gees, Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync are all celebrated in BOYS IN THE BAND.

The show features classic songs such as I Want It That Way, I Wish For You, Walk Like a Man, Sherry, Can’t Buy Me Love, Let it Be, Hey Jude, Imagine, Blame it on the Boogie, ABC, Unchained Melody, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Surfin’ USA, Good Vibrations, Night Fever and Staying Alive – as well as medleys of the biggest mega hits the world has known. The show is slick and sophisticated, with the backing of a live on-stage band.

What I loved most about the show was that the boys knew their stuff! They sang, danced, entertained the crowd and looked like they were having a ball! Naturally watching such a splendid performance you couldn’t help but do the same! I sang everything up to the 90’s….I must have slept through that decade cause I didn’t know the music that everyone else seemed to have no problem with. I also loved that the band had two talented local musicians in it. Love that!


By the end of the show, the lady next to me was almost on stage LOL. She was singing their praise and that she needed wine for her hormones…. Must admit, I don’t do wine but hormones plenty!

It is a laid back, enjoyable show – truly the feel good show of the year!

A fabulous ladies night special is in the mix – not sure the Jo’burg Theatre has ever done one before? Guys are welcome. Nobody cares if you like boys or girls…. had to qualify as I had been asked that question. 🙂

Two tickets for the price of one! AND, Stages has a dinner special on at the same time… AND you have The BOYS IN THE BAND to look forward to – eye candy deluxe! I will be back to see The BOYS IN THE BAND this coming Thursday night, 10 October 2013.

Would love if you would join me?

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Lights will guide you home.

Walking. Darkness. Thorn but trees, the stream below or the clouds above. Rest. Listen to the rumble. A rock to steady your heavy heart crumbles.

Get up. Feeling your way forward you are scraped as branches and thorns draw on your skin. You feel the burn but it belongs to another time.

Giving up is not an option. The legacy of who you truly are at 3 am, known to few, must remain intact. The core of your existence – flawed in imperfection beautiful. Your throat raw with emotion, but not a tear will fall.

A light far away. The flickering becomes brighter. Hurry. Forward. The darkness is overcome with light. Deep breath in.

Defeated, the darkness rolls away. There is no competing with light….until night falls when we play again.

A writer writes. Sometimes they share.

I wish you enough,

Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Wenchy’s Inner Circle #BoysintheBandSA Night – 10 October 2013 @joburgtheatre

Yello girls and boys!

A word from @joburgtheatre :

Next Thursday night is ladies night at Joburg Theatre for #BoysintheBandSA and we are offering 2 tickets for the price of one for the premium seats, at R290, The ladies also go home with goodies and Stages has generously thrown in a meal special.

Sounds good right? Would love for you to join me! I am looking for ten people at basically R145 for a Premier ticket, to join me and “Blame it on the boogie”!

Leave me a message so we can arrange payment, dinner, (pink drinks??) and we will make it a night to remember!!

I wish you enough,

PS. I “Imagine” that Stages special includes cheesecake…. 🙂

The Beauty & Wellbeing Expo takes place from the 26th – 27th October 2013 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.
Tickets are available at and are priced at:
R 95.00 – per adult.
R 65.00 – students (incl. children between the ages of 12 – 16 & pensioners).
R275.00 – family ticket (for 2 adults and 2 children between the ages of 12 – 16.
Children under the age of 12 are free.
For more information and bookings visit
Like wellbeingexpo or follow @bwellbeingexpo on twitter or for more updates.