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VIP Ticket Give-away! The 24th annual LGBTIAQ Johannesburg Pride Event

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Hello my friends,

It appears a rainbow party all week-long with the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on until the 27th of October 2013 at Hyde Park, as well as #jhbpride kicking off with its Pre-Party on Wednesday night at Café Culture in Fourways. Glitter for everyone!

To add to the fun for so many of my friends and followers, I have two VIP tickets to give away for added sparkle to the 24th annual LGBTIAQ Johannesburg Pride Event:

VIP tickets Include:

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Pre–Party on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 at the fabulous Café Culture in Fourways. Between 18h30 and 20h30 snacks and Stoli Cocktails will be served and I am sure the party doesn’t end there!

(I have no idea what a Stoli Cocktail is so tweet me a pic at @NocturnalWenchy please! Oh, as I write this I am ten followers away from 3 000! Make my day…! Follow me on Twitter dammit.)

VIP Tickets include Pride VIP parking (I looked at the map, you want this!), access to Pride VIP Garden (right next to the stage), food hall, spirit & shooter bar, MR GSA, Pink Loerie Wine Bar (that just sounds fancy), the media and celebrity hangout…. where I am sure you may find the awesome @Gordon_Grieve… (from Beefcakes – yes, I am shameless…) no secret my money is on him for a MR GSA win!

For those not lucky enough to win tickets, they can be purchased from Webtickets (conveniently you can also purchase tickets for the Beauty and Wellbeing Expo at Webtickets – awesome PRODUCT give-aways next week… Yay!).

So, to win two VIP tickets to attend #jhbpride in style, please answer this easy question in the comment section of my fabulous blog. Right hand corner of the blog post darlings who couldn’t find it before. 🙂

The winner will be selected by a random draw and will be announced on Tuesday afternoon, 22 October at 16h00.

Question: Where can you purchase your VIP Pride tickets to show your true colours at #jhbpride?

I wish you enough,


“I’m a supporter of gay rights.  And not a closet supporter either.  From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community.  There are so many qualities that make up a human being… by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.”
―     Paul Newman

6 responses to “VIP Ticket Give-away! The 24th annual LGBTIAQ Johannesburg Pride Event”

  1. Webtickets! FTW 🙂


  2. Webtickets :))


  3. The tickets can be purchased at WebTickets 😉


  4. Lara Oberholzer avatar
    Lara Oberholzer

    You can purchase your #JHBPride2013 tickets via Webtickets 🙂

    But if you’re super cool, @nocturnalwenchy will hit you (me) up with two VIP PASSES. 😛


  5. Tickets can be purchased at WebTickets 😉


  6. You can purchase a VIP ticket at :””)


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