Oh what an afternoon I had! ABC and 123!

Oh my love… or darling friends 🙂

On Saturday my husband @SirNoid went to watch the rugby at Ellis Park (invitation from his work) and I set off to the 3pm show of The BOYS IN THE BAND at Jo’burg Theatre. Yes, I went alone. When other 15 year olds went to movies, I visited the theatre – alone. 🙂 I had missed opening night as I was in the Cape visiting @SirNoid’s folks so I just had to check it out!

I got there early enough so I had the standard ice cream and chocolate sauce from the in-house restaurant, Stages. I have had other dishes there but I LOVE the ice cream. I’ll be the one with a cocktail and ice cream!

I booked my seat very far forward, primarily as I wanted to take pictures with my Galaxy as I am still getting use to it. I don’t know why but I shake too much, so every other picture is a tad blurred! Hate that. Yes you are allowed to take pictures as long as you don’t use your flash.

Well, I sat down with my drink and a group of ladies surrounded me. Sitting two seats away from me was a coloured lady. Perhaps non South African’s may not understand this but our coloured community has a sense of humour like nobody else. The way they speak and their mannerism can be totally hilarious and I was not disappointed. I think I had the best seat in the house and The BOYS IN THE BAND had not even appeared yet.


It was awesome! The BOYS IN THE BAND are Simon Brook McLachlan, Leigh Sleightholme, Vaingana Matapule and Tom Sharah – all from Sydney, Australia. In essence they are four totally individual performers but sang and moved in synch. Dressed in the 50’s style suits they performed songs that I am sure most people know so it was fantastic to sing along and tap your feet…

As their performance continued the lady next to me was getting more and more excited – our four boys not only had the looks, but they had the moves and she was having a ball! She was so funny, even the band members commented from stage! In a proper Cape accent she praised the boys like one would hear in American churches (well, the in the movies I have seen). It was delightful. At one point I was singing and laughing and tapping my feet all at the same time!


In the past fifty years, there have been many synchronized, harmonizing all-male bands, each of them just a bit different from the last. The iconic bands, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Jackson 5, The Bee Gees, Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync are all celebrated in BOYS IN THE BAND.

The show features classic songs such as I Want It That Way, I Wish For You, Walk Like a Man, Sherry, Can’t Buy Me Love, Let it Be, Hey Jude, Imagine, Blame it on the Boogie, ABC, Unchained Melody, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Surfin’ USA, Good Vibrations, Night Fever and Staying Alive – as well as medleys of the biggest mega hits the world has known. The show is slick and sophisticated, with the backing of a live on-stage band.

What I loved most about the show was that the boys knew their stuff! They sang, danced, entertained the crowd and looked like they were having a ball! Naturally watching such a splendid performance you couldn’t help but do the same! I sang everything up to the 90’s….I must have slept through that decade cause I didn’t know the music that everyone else seemed to have no problem with. I also loved that the band had two talented local musicians in it. Love that!


By the end of the show, the lady next to me was almost on stage LOL. She was singing their praise and that she needed wine for her hormones…. Must admit, I don’t do wine but hormones plenty!

It is a laid back, enjoyable show – truly the feel good show of the year!

A fabulous ladies night special is in the mix – not sure the Jo’burg Theatre has ever done one before? Guys are welcome. Nobody cares if you like boys or girls…. had to qualify as I had been asked that question. 🙂

Two tickets for the price of one! AND, Stages has a dinner special on at the same time… AND you have The BOYS IN THE BAND to look forward to – eye candy deluxe! I will be back to see The BOYS IN THE BAND this coming Thursday night, 10 October 2013.

Would love if you would join me?

WenchLogo - Copy

Lights will guide you home.

Walking. Darkness. Thorn but trees, the stream below or the clouds above. Rest. Listen to the rumble. A rock to steady your heavy heart crumbles.

Get up. Feeling your way forward you are scraped as branches and thorns draw on your skin. You feel the burn but it belongs to another time.

Giving up is not an option. The legacy of who you truly are at 3 am, known to few, must remain intact. The core of your existence – flawed in imperfection beautiful. Your throat raw with emotion, but not a tear will fall.

A light far away. The flickering becomes brighter. Hurry. Forward. The darkness is overcome with light. Deep breath in.

Defeated, the darkness rolls away. There is no competing with light….until night falls when we play again.

A writer writes. Sometimes they share.

I wish you enough,

Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Wenchy’s Inner Circle #BoysintheBandSA Night – 10 October 2013 @joburgtheatre

Yello girls and boys!

A word from @joburgtheatre :

Next Thursday night is ladies night at Joburg Theatre for #BoysintheBandSA and we are offering 2 tickets for the price of one for the premium seats, at R290, The ladies also go home with goodies and Stages has generously thrown in a meal special.

Sounds good right? Would love for you to join me! I am looking for ten people at basically R145 for a Premier ticket, to join me and “Blame it on the boogie”!

Leave me a message so we can arrange payment, dinner, (pink drinks??) and we will make it a night to remember!!

I wish you enough,

PS. I “Imagine” that Stages special includes cheesecake…. 🙂

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