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#WenchyClean9 #ForeverLiving Detox

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. ~ Tony Robbins

I have always been a believer as you set out to loose weight that you simply eat less and exercise more – drink plenty of water. That worked for me before just dandy.

I have been introduced to #ForeverLiving by an old friend, @_Denise_Cross_ We connected after many years at a @MommyMatters networking breakfast.

Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have gone the traditional specialist physician route, countless tests and many different medications over the past two years – pain relief drugs, YES, but it has also helped me gain 30kg.

One specialist even asked me if I would rather be heavier with less pain, or if I want to be pretty!! He must have confused my inner Goddess with a Sumo Wrestler!

All the weight I had lost to do the Whale Trail was back, all that hard work…gone. I admit it does kick my ass to have many clothes I can’t wear!

I have been using #ForeverLiving Aloe Heat lotion for pain, especially in my neck and between my shoulder blades and it really has helped me, so I was quite open to experimenting with more #ForeverLiving products.

So, starting today, I am doing the #WenchyClean9 detox which lasts for 9 days. First two days involves #ForeverLiving products but no actual food! I am both nervous and excited.

Watch this space.

I wish you enough,

4 responses to “#WenchyClean9 #ForeverLiving Detox”

  1. Interesting @nocturnalwenchy! Goodluck! I’ll be interested in finding out how you managed the program & the products. Wouldn’t mind trying it too. 😊I’m sure you’ll be fine!


  2. Hope its going really well!!!


  3. So, how did it go then?


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