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Day 1/31 The story of my life in 250 words or less.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Thought I would join in the challenge to get my blogging bug back.

Afrikaans girl born on 13 June 1973. Grew up with my grandparents whom I adored. I loved school and sports. Panic attacks since I was 6. Slightly unconventional from birth.

My father died when I was 11. Life changed. Moved to Mom and sister, Rentia. Hated it. Met my friend for life, Vicky first day of high school. Salvation.

High school was a blur. Decided I would matriculate with English as my first language, so had to change schools. Loved Shakespear, History and Poetry. Diagnosed at 14 as manic depressive, later to be replaced by a fancier term, bi polar. Twice hospitalised for depression. Years apart. One suicide attempt.

Threw away university entrance and married instead of facing my main demon, my step-father who is now dead. Regret.

Married at 17… Desperately wanted a son. Kevin was born when I was 20, Liam James at 23…got divorced. Married at 25…had Victoria at 26 …. Got divorced. Married at 37… – now have eight kids in my life, some cats, and a connection with the number 7.

Did the roller red laptop bag, corporate assistant for almost two decades (loved it) before I became ill – later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and evidence of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Tough time. Almost two years recovery to some form of normality.

Found a love and fascination for Social Media. KNOW by affirmation I am on the right track in life. Still slightly nutty. 🙂

Hope that was 250 words or less LOL

I wish you enough,
Wenchy¸.¸. ҉

8 responses to “Day 1/31 The story of my life in 250 words or less.”

  1. Love the post.

    Your signature “I wish you enough” has been shamelessly used by me here in
    coastal South Carolina, USA.

    That view is so profound and very caring sentiment.

    THANK YOU for the biscuits.


  2. Our lives do seem rather insignificant in 250 words 🙂 It is not enough for us word people!


    1. So true my friend! Us people of many words (and children) cannot fit it all into such a tiny number. 😉


  3. I love coming here! You have the best biscuits!
    If I were to write on my bucket list of people I still would love to meet your name pops up somewhere close to the top, just thought you should know 😉
    I’m working hard trying to play along, but suspect I suffer from a case of writers’ block cast in stone… having a hard time shaking it…
    Will not give up…


    1. Wow. Your comment made me tearful but very happy. Thank you – just huge amounts of gratitude.


  4. As I read between the lines most of the time, your story is way to important for just 250 words or less.


  5. So is it 250 words? 😀


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