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Day 2/31- 10 Things that make me really happy.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures –

I started this journey with Laura-kim yesterday, and the original concept I believe comes from: here.


1.  Road trips. I love always loved road trips with @SirNoid when it is just the two of us. A relaxed, let’s see where the road takes us kind of feeling where you sleep when tired, you eat when you hungry and you stop randomly with no agenda. I have been blessed to have experienced many such trips in the past six years. I will always treasure them because it made me really happy to see so many beautiful places, exploring new adventures – just the two of you.

Sitting in the pub at the top of Sani Pass. Freezing cold with a cup of hot chocolate next to a roaring fire and listening to the banter of the people around me. There is a peace I met up in Lesotho as the clouds rolled in…. and it made me happy to my core.

Riding elephants in Zimbabwe, feeling the movement of this large animal under you, the African blue sky above you and moving in time with the rumble of the creature beneath you. I was so close to heaven I could touch it. You breathe the moment in and you do not want to let go.


Hiking to Pebble Beach to hear the sound as the sea washes over the stones and they roll around, making the most incredible sound….. @SirNoid once said, it is a sound one longs for later, and he is right. I have thought about the peace, tranquillity and wonder that sound brought with it. On a recent trip, we shared this experience with some of our children and this too was very special. It was a painful walk for me that day, but so worthwhile.

My Mammie taught me early on to take pictures in my head and when I think about people or places. I can smell, feel and hear, taste every moment. I won’t ever forget those moments where forever seemed too short.

2.  A well written book. You rise and fall with the characters and as the words fly off the page you feel regret that it is coming to an end. That I know the appreciation of such an experience from a young age, between an author and a reader makes me happy. It is an intimacy untouchable.

3. Laughter. Real laughter where it comes from the pit of your stomach and touches your every nerve. The nostalgia mixed with the bitter sweet as one share memories of the past, or joke about what actually hurts. Telling stories we have all heard countless times, yet in the familiar we rejoice. It makes me happy to be able to laugh as loud as I want, as raw as the emotion I feel and seeing the faces of people I love laugh with their eyes looking back at me…

4. My children. Discovering the unique individual they each are. Their joys, their eyes lighting up, seeing them happy, reaching goals and when they fold me in their arms and hug me, kiss me. The way I am always enough. They forgive my every sin, making allowance for my human nature to fail at times – an unconditional faithful love. One I have never felt worthy off, but makes me really happy.

5. Making love and your heart is sure to have stopped a moment at a gasp, an emotional hunger that far exceeds physical affection, yet is met by mutual emotion. A moment in time that you may think back upon and again feel your heart race. Life and love is in the details for me. Affection, feeling wanted and needed makes me happy and could sustain me a lifetime.

6. Being able to help somebody when they can do nothing in return makes me happy because it is a giving of yourself, expecting nothing. I have been told that I cannot save the world. I do believe I can try. One person at a time. An action or kind word can have a ripple effect your may never ever know about.

7. Silence. Social Media. Writing. Photography. Vodka. Hugs. Kisses. Ice cream. @Wakaberry. It is as simple and as complicated as that. It makes me happy.

8. The theatre. The curtains opening. The performers placing their talents at your feet for your enjoyment. Their vulnerability opening themselves to share with you a world of unbelievable beauty, comedy, dance, expression in the purest form. It makes me incredibly happy to be part of the world of wonders where anything and everything is possible. I hold tremendous respect to all performers, because they are the brave amongst us standing on a stage and living their dreams. Such joy.

9. Having a leisurely breakfast, watching the people go by and laughing at odd characters and interesting creatures makes me happy. (I am sure they laugh at me on other days, I don’t mind – knock yourself out.) I have the belief, that should I sit there long enough I may see myself come past. 🙂

10. Relationships rekindled, relationships rediscovered, relationships saved, relationships lost, relationships altered, relationships ended. It makes me happy that I believe vulnerability is to be alive and that is it never too late for anything. To open yourself to others, to share yourself, your experiences and receive the same in return. To dream and believe until your last breath – knowing you are not an island, altyd.

I wish you enough,



4 responses to “Day 2/31- 10 Things that make me really happy.”

  1. Love your list 🙂


  2. 🙂 Jy dink diep Stel


    1. Hoe ken jy my vriendin? 🙂


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