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I ran into @FerdiWG and his gorgeous wife @DianiGernandt at @joburgtheatre and asked what they are working on. Two of the most sincere, truly abundantly talented, down to earth people I have ever met. We spoke a bit and I asked @FerdiWG to forward me some details.

I have many teenagers in my life so, promoting a teen move – WHOOP! – I was very interested, but also protective of what the content will be… however knowing the persons behind the movie, I felt complete ease to give this movie my full support. Amazing what character can do for a couple. 🙂  @FerdiWG & @DianiGernandt – who you are speak louder than words.

I am sharing all the info available I have at present. I would love for you to share, follow, like, shout from the mountain tops – ENJOY! Help promote South African talented – PROUDLY!


Four random teenagers are pulled together by fate when they discover the two things they have in common: Superpowers! …..and one sinister neighbourhood mom. #SCARS is a teen adventure film in the vein of “I am number four” meets “The Breakfast Club” directed by the talented Ferdinand Gernandt.

Vanessa, a manipulative and sickly science-hungry woman discovers a cure in the DNA of Shane,  a young attractive but rebellious teenager and his easily seduced father, Cameron. Her desire to heal her physical condition spawns a secret science procedure that leaves any victim with a mysterious super ability.

Chloe, a soft risk-averse 15 year old girl learns that she can immobilize any form of aggression and at the same time present an answer to her victim’s deepest question. After a demoralizing experience at the school dance, Sepo, a fat, insignificant 14-year-old Zulu boy notices he has been cursed with invisibility. The hard-ass Ariana is almost raped when she is rescued by her ability to read material history. She escapes by using her attacker’s own knife against him.

Shane did not fall prey under the experimental claws of Vanessa. He was born with the ability to hear other people’s thoughts and the only thing that can free him from the noises in his head is playing on his guitar.

The supernatural plot unfolds in an array of events; Cameron is kidnapped, Chloe sets out to rescue, Fritz, her prince charming, Sepo embraces his new talent and uses his invisibility to overcome rivalry, Ariana is swept into Vanessa’s evil conspiracy, Shane learns to accept the voices in his head as they lead him to his father.

Will these four teenagers use their powers for bad or will they pull together and muster their gifts for the good in order to save their town and cease Vanessa’s unorthodox and sinister science program.

A bit about FADCreationS

FADcreationS CC was founded by producer Ferdinand Gernandt. In just a few years he has produced, directed, written & choreographed numerous projects: PRETVILLE – the musical with actors Steve Hofmeyr, Anette Engelbrecht, Emo Adams, Liz Meiring and Terrence Bridget. Indigenous Film distributors is the domestic distributor. PRETVILLE won a TEMPO award.  8 DAYS, an American feature film taking a stand against sex-trafficking with actors Todd Terry, Anthony a Kung and director Jaco Booyens – releases 2014. STERLOPERS a kykNET series to be aired locally April 2014 with actors Andre Scwartz, Philip Moolman, Nadia Beukes and Marno vd Merwe. LINE OUT – the movie musical in development with After Eden Pictures and DreamVision USA. SKOUSPEL, the biggest local stage spectacular in the Sun City Superbowl with actors/singers Kurt Darren, Nianell, Nicholis Louw, Elvis Blue and Chris Chameleon.

The Company’s goal is to produce high-quality films that entertain, delight, inspire and inform. Ferdinand has consistently accomplished that goal and they take great pride in his reputation for operating with creativity, integrity and a undauntable stand for quality and fun. Ferdinand is committed to ensuring a creative environment for every person who works on his projects. He recognizes that their production team from cast to crew is the cornerstone of their enterprise, and they value each and every member of their team.

The goal of every FADCreationS project is to transform culture through uplifting entertainment. #SCARS fulfils that mandate by providing a thought-provoking, entertaining film. The result of #SCARS  will be creating life-long memorable characters that teens and adults can connect with, relate to, cheer for and learn from.

#SCARS the movie, established as an PTY (LTD), provides us the greatest tax and operational advantages based on the nature of our business, taking advantage of the generous South African film industry incentives.

In addition to creating quality projects, we are one hundred percent committed to having each and every film generate a healthy profit for our investors.

A storyteller has to have a point of view that is unique. I have an extensive diversity of experience, stretching over 18 years, which allows me to hone in on my own unique point of view/voice – And expanding my social circle is a great place for anyone to start.

#SCARS has a collective, a band of brothers so-to-speak, people who can consistently and autonomously deliver a product and who has consistently been working together.

We do what we love.

What your contribution means

“Art gives our lives context.  It helps us understand the culture that makes us who we are.  And, if you are lucky, one day you may be able to shape the culture that influenced you” – Adi Shankar

By contributing to our project you won’t only receive exciting perks that go with your generous pledge BUT you will also be part of two causes: Providing a safe platform for teenagers who want to have a career in the film-industry and secondly, Help heal the SCARS of our youth through entertainment!

Entertainment is the number one element we can use to target our young. By providing uplifting and inspiring entertainment to this market we can influence their minds, attitudes and shape our culture. We can help break the paradigms that affect their decision-making and also their future.

FADCreationS’ passion, focus and calling is the development and encouragement of our up-and-coming young artists; to provide multiple platforms for their training and to nurture the creative talents that will undoubtedly become the future of our industry and country.

I believe we are created to reign, to rule and be victorious in all we do. Why not guide the young to get up, look up and never give up!

BIO: Ferdinand Gernandt

Ferdinand completed his studies in Musical Theatre at Pretoria Technikon in 1999. Soon after he joined “African Footprint” for three years (704 performances) as part of the original cast, touring abroad to Atlanta, Georgia, USA and performed at the “Royal Variety Performance” in 2000, London.

He also performed for “Celebrity Cruise Lines” and “Princess Cruises” as singer/dancer and guest entertainer for two years. On Ferdinand’s return to South Africa he choreographed and starred in “Best of the boys – Calendar Boys” as lead vocalist at the Performer Theatre, following he choreographed “Duke” for Tswane University of Technology (TUT) for their annual DanceSeason in 2005. Other Shows include: “7’Tease Fever”.

“The Wizard of Oz” “Vodacom CEO Awards 2005” Fred Casely in “Chicago” the Musical “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” Galileo understudy in “We Will Rock You” “The King and I” and wowed audiences as the John Travolta character Tony Manero in the West End hit Musical “Saturday Night Fever”.

He is proud to have been part of the Department of Education’s board of Chief Examiners of dance from 2008 to 2011. Ferdinand is co-owner and founder with his wife, Diani, of their entertainment company FADCreationS, which specializes in providing Performing opportunities through triple thread workshop programs, Hands-on guidance through a 6 month mentorship program, School production services – conceptualizing, direction, choreography, vocal arrangement, sound, lighting etc. Showreel assembling for every artist, showcasing each artist’s specific strengths, Screenwriting for shorts as well as features, Film initiatives countrywide aimed at our young adults portraying vibrant and sound moral values

Projects include: Nianell – Sand en Water CD launch, Innibos Kunstefees 2011 only to name but a few.

Recently, he choreographed the Afrikaans 50’s movie musical “Pretville” Produced by Hartiwood Films.

His TV experience also include: “Villa Rosa” “Generations” & “Isidingo”

Ferdinand’s short film screenplay “Uit die Kaskenades” got commissioned for production for kykNET’s Silwerskerm Filmfees which landed in the TOP 10 out of 450 other scripts. His screenplay and brainchild “LINE OUT – the movie musical” is in development with DreamVision and After Eden Pictures, USA.

He was also part of the Pop-Classical Crossover vocal band “IL Quinto”  (2009 – 2010) which has recorded songs with Taylor Dayne, Paul Potts and Udo Mechels and also performed with Elvis Blue, Lira, Rina Hugo, Jak de Priester and Bobby van Jaarsveld.

Ferdinand has a true need to give back to the young, up and coming performers and joined the South African Talent Championship (SATCH) as their Talent Ambassador and Head Scout, to be in direct contact with USA’s “Actors, Models and Talent for Christ” (AMTC) to give the South African youngsters a platform to reach and fulfil their dreams globally.

The “Broadway Performance Showcase Experience” is an initiative to create a sound platform for our young artists in South Africa and Ferdinand acts as producer, director and choreographer of this yearly project.

Ferdinand has been involved in the following projects: “The Road Warrior” a Short Film by Brian Mitchell, “Debuut – PILOT” an Afrikaans GLee kykNET Series and “Starlight Express” as one of the main characters, Electra. 8 DAYS IMDB credit as writer for this feature film, produced by After Eden Pictures USA.

I wish you enough,

Wenchy x

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