Friday on my mind..

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

As the night wind blows in through the open door,  Liza se klavier in beautiful french runs through my mind. 

The ‘inner city’ brings it’s own noise.  A dull white noise with distant cars.  I have lived in a couple of different areas and dwellings.. maybe this is the most me. 

City girl at heart. 

I have had a tremendous week.  Met so many amazing people,  dreams come true kinda stuff. Must write… 🙂

I wish you enough,


#50ShadesOfBambi Ticket Giveaway!

Hello my dear friends and other interesting creatures,

What a great week for giveaways!

Pieter Dirk Uys’s #50ShadesIOfBambi gives credit to “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” !


Evita Bezuidenhout’s sister, Bambi Kellerman, will be on stage at the Auto and General Theatre on The Square in Sandton from 25 February for a 3 week run.

I attended the press conference last week and I must say Ms Bambi Kellerman is quite something! I am currently reading her autobiography titled, “Never too naked” and loving it! If Tannie Evita is said to be shooting from the hip, wait till you meet Bambi!

Evita Bezuidenhout might be the most famous white woman in South Africa, but her younger sister Bambi, the blonde Afrikaans meisie who married a Nazi and became a stripper in the fleshpots of Europe, has a much juicier story to tell.In her autobiography, assisted by Pieter-Dirk Uys, Bambi traces her journey from the Orange Free State to Europe, South America, the USA and back to a democratic South Africa. On the way she gives haircuts to The Beatles in Hamburg, travels with Hemingway in Spain, and gets surgical tips from Chris Barnard. She also rubs shoulders with Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, sups with Paraguay’s dictator General Stroessner, and of course confronts her sister Evita.Peopled with showgirls, divas and film stars, Nazis, assassins and secret agents, Never too Naked is an outrageous and hilarious tale.


I asked if I could take a “selfie” with this delightful lady and Bambi was thrilled, not having done this before. Most accommodating she is and hilariously funny and full of good advice, humour and stunning eye lashes.

I have two tickets to give away to #50ShadesOfBambi at the Auto and General Theatre on The Square in Sandton, to attend this Wednesday evening, 26 February 2014 and share in the laughter.

Please leave your name in the comment section and along with the name of the theatre where Bambi Kellerman will be performing in Johannesburg.

The draw will take place at noon on 25 February 2014. Best of luck!

I wish you enough,


Mompreneurs ticket to be won!

Hello dear friends and other interesting creatures.

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You’re Invited…to enter and win a seat to the 1st Mompreneur’s Networking Breakfast for 2014 this Wednesday morning!

Schools are back, holidays are a thing of the past, and we’re all back into full swing of life.

Finding balance in our lives, is key to making 2014 a successful year, so starting off our networking sessions, @MommyMatters host one of the baby industries biggest success stories, who will be sharing her secrets to starting a business with twin toddlers on her hips. Even if you aren’t a mom with a business in the baby market, there is a message for you too!

TOPIC: Balancing babies and business: the secrets to having it all!
DATE: Wednesday 26 February 2014 09h30 – 12h00
GRAND CENTRAL CAFE, The Piazza, Melrose Arch
COST: R200 per person (30% discount available for Mompreneur Members), and includes your breakfast and an awesome goody-bag to take home, as well as a chance to win some amazing lucky-draw prizes.

About the Guest Speaker:

Nelia Annandale, Founder of Keedo, two years after the birth of her twins, lay in a hospital bed after a near fatal skiing accident, she realised that she had something to offer mother earth and her children and that the time for action had come. She now appreciated that her time on this earth was not guaranteed and that she should make use of her talents to reach her goals and live out her dreams while she was still able.

Nelia battled to find comfortable, fun, colourful clothing that was soft on the skin of her twins, so she decided to create a range of clothing that suited her needs and was kind to the environment. She took a leap of faith and approached a bank for a small loan. With this, she started the first Keedo branch in Cape Town, named after her own two ‘keedos’.

Nelia has a passion to help other women and has built a successful business while maintaining a keen focus on providing sustainable employment. Her mantra is that employees should be heard, cared for, fairly remunerated and encouraged to grow and develop themselves, and through this has won the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award, the 9th Annual Award for Top Women Successfully Leading Business: Top Gender Empowered Company: SMME, the Cape Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year Award in the design category and the Black Business Quarterly Business Woman of the Year Award as special recognition for transformation.

you will have a chance to showcase your business and enjoy an awesome morning networking with other Mompreneurs.

To win a seat at this delightful event that I too attend, simply leave your name and what small business you run in the comment section.

Lucky draw at 4pm TODAY!!! Do bring your business cards along for the lucky draw and for networking with other ladies like yourself.

I wish you enough,


5 Night Plan: A guide to strong and grounded relationships – REVIEW

5 Night Plan: A guide to strong and grounded relationships

Rich Simmonds’s 5 Night plan, truly does holds up an honest mirror in the face of relationships. Embrace the view.

– Dr Steve Maraboli New York, USA

Rich Simmonds 5 Night Plan suggests a fresh perspective on relationships and how to approach a potential long-term, concrete romantic relationship.

Personally I think the book is more suited to adults in their 30’s who is tired of wasting time dating, hoping to find “the one” and start their happily ever after. What I really loved about the book is that even in an established relationship, the topics written about is relevant regardless if you are in the beginning stages of getting to know a potential partner, or perhaps need to kick-start a long-term love.

Rich Simmonds is a gifted communicator and a master when it comes to emotional intelligence in my opinion. Reading about consistency, quality time, communication, trust, commitment, forgiveness and my favourite chapter that deals with “My intentions, your perception” is all aspects we should apply in our daily lives. We would be happier for it!

The 5 Night Plan does not get a four star rating from me because I am mentioned in the acknowledgement section. The book has nuggets of gold hidden in 86 pages. It is the kind of book where I use a soft pencil and underline in purple the parts that speak to my heart.

If you want to challenge your thinking and are in the dating game especially, or your relationship has fallen flat – read the book.

1-16 February 2014 021

5 Night Plan is available both in print and on Kindle.

I wish you enough,

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….. thoughts.

*  Beer is making huge inroads into the wine market.  Such a shit stirrer I am.  @Febrewery –  check it out.

*  I see Robocop is back on the big screen. Wonder why the need to remake it? It lead to a kak first marriage in my life.  Thankfully I have had many marriages ha ha ha! This is to be my final vow. 

*  December and January were tough months.  Fibromyalgia grabbed hold of my emotional pain and did a fair bit of jive with my body.  February brought my Aloe Products and am doing hundreds better again.  Those episodes are so incredibly crippling physical,  emotional and psychological.

*  I have three kids turning 21 this year… Kyle,  Kyla and Kev.  Wow.  I am so glad the curse is broken and nobody had a baby born in their 20th year.  Bless contraception everywhere!!

*  My blue eyed boy is turning 18 in April.  I would have to thank everyone who helped raise Liam James.  As more than one teacher said.  ‘If it wasn’t for those blue eyes I would have killed him.’  LOL Still,  18 –  sjoe!

More tomorrow, I am exhausted.

I wish you enough,