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African Hips Don't Lie

….. thoughts.

*  Beer is making huge inroads into the wine market.  Such a shit stirrer I am.  @Febrewery –  check it out.

*  I see Robocop is back on the big screen. Wonder why the need to remake it? It lead to a kak first marriage in my life.  Thankfully I have had many marriages ha ha ha! This is to be my final vow. 

*  December and January were tough months.  Fibromyalgia grabbed hold of my emotional pain and did a fair bit of jive with my body.  February brought my Aloe Products and am doing hundreds better again.  Those episodes are so incredibly crippling physical,  emotional and psychological.

*  I have three kids turning 21 this year… Kyle,  Kyla and Kev.  Wow.  I am so glad the curse is broken and nobody had a baby born in their 20th year.  Bless contraception everywhere!!

*  My blue eyed boy is turning 18 in April.  I would have to thank everyone who helped raise Liam James.  As more than one teacher said.  ‘If it wasn’t for those blue eyes I would have killed him.’  LOL Still,  18 –  sjoe!

More tomorrow, I am exhausted.

I wish you enough,

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