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Friday on my mind..

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

As the night wind blows in through the open door,  Liza se klavier in beautiful french runs through my mind. 

The ‘inner city’ brings it’s own noise.  A dull white noise with distant cars.  I have lived in a couple of different areas and dwellings.. maybe this is the most me. 

City girl at heart. 

I have had a tremendous week.  Met so many amazing people,  dreams come true kinda stuff. Must write… 🙂

I wish you enough,



Social Media Collaborator with a passion for food, beauty and leisure. Mental health advocate. ✿ Lover of laughter and intelligent conversation. ✿ #wenchytude

2 thoughts on “Friday on my mind..

  1. Love the city too, ts silent moments withonly bird songs & forever background traffic noise and occational helicopter overhead.
    Inspired by your bucket list to finally write mine down-:)


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