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Never too naked #50ShadesOfBambi @TheatreOnSquare

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have always admired the people who brings up sensitive topics (sex, religion, race etc. ) and use their influence to bring about change.

…. Then I met Bambi Kellerman,  the younger sister of the first or second most famous woman in South Africa –  give or take if you favour Winnie or Evita! All topics are fair game. My type of woman!

I was thrilled to be invited to the press conference to meet with Bambi and take a selfie with her.  Funny.  Confident. Tackling the issues in our country and parenting our youth head on.  Pun intended.

As a huge surprise Godfrey Johnson joined Bambi on piano and song on stage. Another gifted, talented performer.  I admit I could listen to him sing and play the piano just like the sound of a lonely saxophone.  I think deep down our Godfrey is a deep man… as I have found most creatures in the arts to be.

Bambi is as delightful in character in #50ShadesOfBambi as in her book ‘Never too naked’. I would urge you to escape into her world and enjoy the read.  It is funny,  sexy,  to the point and oh so Bambi! Terrific escapism.

After the show,  I was privileged to chat and pose for some pictures with Pieter Dirk Uys, the creator of both Evita Bezuidenhout and Bambi Kellerman.

pieter dirk uys

He is a humble, lovable man with a gift for shining the spotlight on that corner we may have missed.  I was deeply touched by our chat on children and how parents should talk to their children about reality… or the drug lord will as Bambi puts it.

#50ShadesofBambi is on at the Old Mutual Theatre On The Square until March 16th. Hurry!


I wish you enough,


4 responses to “Never too naked #50ShadesOfBambi @TheatreOnSquare”

  1. Could you perhaps link to Pieter’s website – — rather than to Wikipedia, which is both out of date and inaccurate. There is also a PDU Facebook group page that you could link to (but please NOT the other PDU FB page which has NO connection with PDU).


    1. Absolutely. With pleasure.


      1. But you haven’t changed the link, it is still Wikipedia 😦 The information at is up to date and accurate, while the material on Wikipedia is both INaccurate and very outdated. I hope that you will please change the link in your article to


        1. I have updated the link.


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