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Dance me to end of love.

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger. 
– Ben Okri

Those who tell stories come in so many forms. Be it your Oupa sharing war stories (appropriately adjusted to age as you grew) reading a book and exploring the thoughts of the author … trusting you with their truth. Bloggers tell their stories every day.

The excitement of going to the movies.The big screen taking you on a 3D delightful journey in plush chairs with popcorn and green slush (and chocolate when I am wicked).

Observing a painting or photograph capturing a mood. An expression on display for your enjoyment …. Movement, dance, music. Experiencing the vulnerability of a performer standing emotionally naked in front of you as they portray a character.

This is a world in which I come alive. There isn’t a form of artistic expression that does not touch me. My admiration is real. My enjoyment to the depths of my soul. I choose never to part myself from what brings me such joy.

From conception to realisation. Artists in each craft is the bravest amongst us. Crafting our souls by opening their own.

I can never thank you…. Enough.

PS. 15 years today Timmy. How many roads indeed. Forever Young.

2 responses to “Dance me to end of love.”

  1. 15 years – sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like such a long time ago.

    I share your view re art. Any art. It touches my soul and converses with my inner self.


  2. RashiedaUncut avatar

    This is beautiful. Hello Wenchy. I will come visit regularly


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