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Dear friends and other interesting creatures, 

A couple of weeks ago,  I received a last minute e-mail to see ‘One Chance’ in the cinema.  I had not even Google it by the time I was in my seat.

#OneChance is the true life story of the first winner of Britain’s got talent I was to find out. 

It tells the tale of a boy who was bullied endlessly for not fitting in for years on end,  a supportive mom, a doubtful dad and the girl whom he ultimately married,  Julz…. But above all,  his love for music. Opera to be exact.

The film is a comedy but often I cried,  cheering Paul on…. From kissing Julz for the first to the pop up entry on his computer that didn’t want to close…. A literal toss of the coin entry that changed his life.

Perhaps Mr Potts prepared the way for performers like Susan Boyle as he won… and his world changed forever.

I was extremely fortunate,  blessed and excited to get a 30 minute slot to interview Mr Potts on his brief visit to South Africa.

All the questions flew out me head and we chatted about bullies,  the severe impact this abuse had on his life,  his book and what he did and chose not to divulge to the screenwriters. We discussed ghost writers and his choice to pen his own book.  We spoke about the actual Britain’s got talent audition,  how he feels about his changed life and how much he enjoys travelling. I enjoyed our time together passionately and could have spoken all afternoon. 

Paul Potts no doubt wears the scars of a painful and difficult childhood but his life,  the flight of magic his voice brings,  silences every critic he may ever have had. He speaks out about bullies,  support and empowerment for the victims.  He is incredibly humble,  sincere,  lovable and real… And yes,  he runs his own Twitter account!  You have to LOVE that!

Mr Potts completely won me over when at the end of the interview he wrote a note to my Liam whom is a huge fan wishing him a happy 18th birthday
without any requests from me.  Take the child by the hand…. And you take the mother by the heart. X

The movie is funny,  heartwarming, comical and a place where dreams do come true.  I loved every second.  The cast is brilliant,  sincere and the the film a must see for all. 

Come on… Give it #OneChance!

I will be reviewing his book next… Quite a talented fellow our Mr Potts… He CAN actually write!

I wish you enough,

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One response to “#OneChance @sterkinekor @paulpottsmusic”

  1. #onelastchance is truly one of the most Inspiring films I have ever seen. If there was ever a film that could make you what to get up and do some thing better with your life this is. Paul Potts is a true inspiration too all of us. Can’t wait to see him perform in cork on November .


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