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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

In truth,  sometimes I don’t know where my children end,  and I begin.  We all venture, but we never walk alone.

My biological and born from my heart children are fiercely independent. (My step children were raised differently so I don’t know how they will still react to live.) Not one of us has had easy roads but we have enjoyed spectacular scenery. We have all experienced deep,  raw painful truths but we have all laughed allowed  in the end.

My first born son Kev (named after the Fred Savage character in ‘The Wonder Years’ ) has grown up with me.  I was 20 years old when he was my baby born and it was the first time in my life I felt a true sense of belonging,  other than my grandparents home.  He has been my son, my child,  my friend,  my companion,   my confidant,  my protector,  my rock,  my joy,  my pride, a pain in my ass and my inspiration.

Kevin very quickly found his own way in the world once he left school.  Today he works in the IT industry, plays football, lives #LFC (and the tattoo to prove it!!) and follows his dream of making music – realised in a band started with friends,  Reality Is A Dream.  (Twitter: RIAD_Band They are also on Facebook,  please go ‘like’ their page.)

In truth, while it is just high school cool to be in a band,  what really inspires me is that unlike me lounging dreaming about walking long distances,  there are people like Kev who run after their dreams,  rehearse weekly and keep the flame burning.  THAT is what causes my soul to dance.  People do walk those long distances.

I love that I did not raise cookie cutter kids.  They are so different,  and with unending gratitude I have the stretch marks.  I am ‘the Mom’ of interesting creatures!

Reality Is A Dream will be playing this weekend at Jeppe Quandom,  79 Boeing Road East,  Bedfordview on Freedom Day,  Sunday at 12h00 and again at 15h45. Support local music!

‘What would you do if if I sang out a tune,  would you stand up and walk out on me?’ – lyrics from the theme song from ‘The Wonder Years’

I wish you…. Enough.

Posted from the second cloud on your left.

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