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@67Blankets for Madiba. A @Carolyn_Steyn initiative. cc @tbdza

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Since I updated my Facebook status about my involvement with @67Blankets, I have received quite a number of enquiries on how to get involved. Yay guys!

I first Googled ‘How to crochet a square’ because @TimothyMoloi told me that is how he learned . It only confirmed I can’t crochet even with a slow motion, step by step, ‘You Tube’ instructional video.

I then Google ‘How to knit a square’.  Knitting thankfully came back to me from the days of my youth once I was reminded how. Yes,  I am knitting a blanket. Yes,  a purple blanket. 🙂 

PS.  I need someone to crochet me a few small white flowers to put on my blanket please.  🙂  Any volunteers?

Madiba gave 67 years of his life fighting for freedom in his lifetime. On the date of his birth,  18 July we celebrate ‘Madiba Day’ by giving 67 minutes of our time to assist others in many diverse ways. The idea is that you are giving your time to make a blanket to keep someone less fortunate warm.

When I am given a gift,  I say ‘Thank You’. The most undomesticated person on the planet, who struggles sewing a button, is knitting squares for a blanket to say: ‘Thank You Tata’.

@SirNoid reminded me that my hands are not my best functioning body parts (Fibromyalgia is not sexy) but took me shopping for needles and wool anyway –  Thank You!!


As @Carolyn_Steyn says,  stitch by stitch we will keep people warm! I like the sound of that.

Follow @67Blankets on Twitter, look it up on Facebook but most of all, start knitting #KnitWits!

I wish you enough,

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not see yourself able to participate in physically knitting a blanket, please support the annual Twitter Blanket Drive @tbdza with collection points all over the country where you can drop off newly purchased or used blankets. An incredible project that started with a single tweet from @MelanieMinnaar. Love that woman.

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4 responses to “@67Blankets for Madiba. A @Carolyn_Steyn initiative. cc @tbdza”

  1. you might find wooden needles kinder on your hands! I love crochet its quicker. Also all year round this charity in Jo’burg collects squares for blankets


    1. Thank you so much for commenting!! I had no idea one even got wooden needles. Investigate I shall. I will try sit with a crochet expert and see if I can crack the code which I was unable to master via You Tube hahahha!! 🙂 So wonderful to read there is more #KnitWits out there. Will visit the site at once.


  2. Well done!!! I joined the initive when I saw a friend of mine had joined – also not having knitted for years! The knitting got on my nerves, so I switched to crochet! As a lefty I found it challenging – YOutube is my best friend now, not knowing a single lefty who chrochets! My blankie will be ready for the hand over on the 30 June! I am so excited for the lillt guy who will get my blankie, I keep putting happy thoughts into it as I go along!
    Good luck and keep knitting away! 🙂


    1. I admit I have been thinking about the little person who will be sleeping under my blanket. 🙂 Loving being a #KnitWit!


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