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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Wow!  I have not been to the National Children’s Theatre in Parktown in a few years.  Don’t let the name fool you,  it is not just for children!

You will find yourself swept away with the story, laughter and fun!  Do visit this intimate, cosy,  child friendly venue.  A new show is just around the corner!!!

At one point on Friday during the show, I actually looked down at the carpet to see if I could find Victoria (you know how I always count my kids lol) with the little pigtails as we visited often as my kids grew up …. and then I found a teenager sitting next to me. 🙂 Mommy’s little chicken.

One night we saw Oliver just in time to leave for a seaside holiday but Victoria and ‘the brothers’, had to see Oliver first!

I hope you create theatre magic in your children’s lives!


Wenchy and the cast of #AnthonyAnt 🙂

I wish you enough giggling boys and girls with much laughter as that magical curtain comes up. 


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