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Funeral for a friend. Say it isn’t so?! #DevineBee

Say it isn’t so?

Every now and again,  I catch a glimpse of Bee in my thoughts… and a silent tear appear. 

The things only you and I shared. The truths we whispered on e-mail…… Tra la la! Oh say it isn’t so?

Convince me online relationship isn’t real… and wipe my wet face as you do. 

20 Years later :

/me showing a bit of leg
#DevineBee points and laughs.

– The Bar-Bee & Wenchy show. 
(Every weekday at one. Second cloud on your left. )


PS.  Belinda and I met on IRC,  20 years ago.  We met in person a number of times over the years in both towns.  I have pictures but no heart to look for them.  We sent countless email between Johannesburg and Cape Town.  Sharing laughter,  perversion,  shocking stories,  secrets and heartache.

Oh my friend….  Say it isn’t so?

Posted from the second cloud on your left.

2 responses to “Funeral for a friend. Say it isn’t so?! #DevineBee”

  1. That’s so sad. I remember her having a daughter. Too many friends have left us


    1. Yes she does have a daughter. We have too many friends …. Lost some to life and some to death.


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