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Donate a blanket. Keep Joburg warm. #TBD2014 Your Blanket Is Your Entry.

The Twitter Blanket Drive (TBD) is a uniquely South African, community-driven response to the needs of the poor during the winter months of the year.

Getting involved is as easy as buying a blanket and taking it to any one of the following drop-off points before or on 29 May:

The Fire and Ice Hotel (22 Whitley street, Melrose Precinct, Johannesburg . IMPORTANT: Entry to the event is a blanket.)

The Twitter Blanket Drive (TBD) started with a single tweet in 2010. Founder, Melanie Minnaar, contemplating the cold winter ahead, tweeted “what if each person on Twitter donated a blanket”. Since then, the TBD movement has grown in leaps and bounds.

Just as the genesis of the idea started with a single tweet, so all efforts on promoting the national drive focus on Twitter. In 2012, 13 000 blankets were collected by the Twitter Blanket Drive and donated to needy organizations. All beneficiary organizations are Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), registered with the Department of Social Development.

Through a well co-ordinated and objectively managed process, collection points and events are created across the country. Various events are held and take the form of a “Tweetup”, whereby Twitter users tweet about donating their blankets and all enjoy a meal or drink at the collection point. Collection points have generally been restaurants or cafes.

The Twitter Blanket Drive has injected a true sense of community into the South African Twittersphere, as Twitter users across the country join in to help disadvantaged communities keep warm during the winter months.

*Copied from Invite,  not written by @NocturnalWenchy

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