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Things I Love & Things I Hate

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Following in Laura ‘s footsteps.

Things I Love:

* Unexpected hugs and kisses.
* Weekends away.
* Going to the theatre.
* Good quality white chocolate.
* Seeing my kids.
* The way a baby holds your finger.
* Water.
* Pedicures.
* Caprese pizza from Del Forno.
* Butro
* Tattoos

Things I Hate:

* Talking on the phone.
* Not having enough money.
* Physical pain.
* Washing dishes.
* Well done steak.
* When my nails are not proper.
* Parking in tiny spaces.
* Loneliness.
* Clothes shopping with teenagers.
* My stomach.
* Asparagus.

I wish you enough cheesecake,  ice cream and good hugs.


Posted from the second cloud on your left.

6 responses to “Things I Love & Things I Hate”

  1. You are such a beautiful woman.


    1. Wow! Thank you so much. xxx


  2. Maybe I need to find a good quality white chocolate to appreciate it!
    I also blogged about this. A fun post to do. Though I’m sure if I give it too much thought my list will be mightily lengthy


    1. It’s a dream list….. And yes it could get lengthy! 🙂


  3. Clothes shopping with teenagers and students are definitely on my Hate list as well 😉


    1. Girls are the worst!


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