“Delightfully fabulous!” @Budmarsh_Lodge

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,
@SirNoid and I was most fortunate to be invited in spending some time with.
Budmarsh Country Lodge is the perfect get-away for those seeking a tranquil, warm and inviting time away from the buzz of the City.

The rooms are large, the bed very close to heaven and the bath that you can do the backstroke in, purely delightful. I was also thrilled to see the size of the shampoo, lotion etc was big enough for two and not of inferior quality which is so often the case. I loved the sticker with the logo on the toilet roll! 🙂 Attention to detail is a win for me. The coffee facility in the bedroom was a surprise. A proper filter coffee with home made biscuits. Loved that.

Naturally the ducks, pond and adult size swing where even my African hips fitted in was awesome! I loved it.

The food is absolutely delectable. Executive Chef, Chris is an artist in taste, value and presentation. Every six course meal is a journey and one I looked forward to at every meal. Perfect combinations and absolute joy. I highly recommend any dish coming from Chris’s kitchen!


The venue is suitable for couples or those traveling alone. It is in close proximity to Johannesburg and you are poorer for not visiting, and especially not dining!

My only negative was that Wi-Fi could only properly connect in the lounge and not in the bedroom, but then it reminded me that in that setting I should not be needing contact with the outside world!


A visit to add to your bucket list. Check out my album with pictures: HERE

I wish you a visit at Budmarsh!


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I am an emotional creature. @VictoriaT99 @EmoCreature @UJArtsCentre #EmoCreatureSA

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I invite you to read my guest blogger, my just turned 15 year old, daughter @VictorisT99’s  take on the provocative, brilliant play “Emotional Creatures“.

Walking into UJ Theatre and hearing the mumbles from grumpy teenagers and the grunts from late parents. Finding my seat, I start watching the show.

Genital mutilation, rape, slavery – all horrible subjects,

A girl walks onto the dimly lit oval shaped stage. She is from the Congo and has been there for two torturous years ever since she was kidnapped. She was only a young flower starting to bloom, she was only 15. Forced into slavery, raped every day. Three times a day for those two wasted years. She speak of the informed rules and regulations HE put down.

She starts to choke as the tears pour down her face, cracks as the tears roll down her face… slowly dripping. She spoke of her treacherous escape after finding out that he had invaded her body and created a child. She leaves on a big boat across the blue lake that she has travelled once before. She can have her life back now and carry on.

She was finally home.

I wish you enough,



Music was my first love…


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

As much as music can free your soul,  it also has the capabilities to painfully hold you captive,  if only for a moment.

I hear the music,  I know the lyrics and within moments,  I am somewhere,  lost in yesterday.

Within seconds I remember you are still dead. I close my eyes.  Emotions run over me and breathe you out.

Have you ever heard a song and just transported to another universe?

I wish you song,

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I HAVE LIFE @AutoandGeneral @TheatreOnSquare #Alison

Dear friends and other interesting creatures –

I remember this shocking story so well…. I read the book, attended a speaking engagement and Alison is such an inspiration. I am so incredibly excited to celebrate Woman’s Day with the overcoming of evil, receiver of hope.



alison 2

A new production for Women’s Month written and directed by MARALIN VANRENEN adapted from the book by MARIANNE THAMM


SUANNE BRAUN – back from London,


6th – 30th August – for Women’s Month


The stage adaptation of I HAVE LIFE, ALISON’S JOURNEY by Marianne Thamm, is an inspirational story where one woman’s real life experience to beat her attackers and become the victor, and not the victim, is vividly told. Alison inspires us all to reach deep into ourselves to find our own miracle no matter what the odds.

This year marks 20 years of democracy and, significantly, also 20 years since the well-publicised case of Alison hit the headlines. You might remember that Alison was raped, disembowelled and her throat slit by Theuns Kruger and Frans du Toit. She was then left for dead on a filthy rubbish dump outside Port Elizabeth. As her attackers left the scene Theuns asked ‘Dink jy sy is dood?’  (‘Do you think she’s dead’). Frans replied ‘Niemand kan dit oorleef nie’ (‘No one could survive this’).

Twenty years on, we quote respected journalist Rebecca Davis:

“Most high-profile females in media reports are (still) murder victims…” The press is dominated by reports of Oscar Pistorius, Shrien Dewani and soon to be joined by globally recognized artist and photographer, Zwelethu Mthethwa, who is charged with beating to death 23 year old Nokuphila Khumalo. Add to these high profile cases the overall gender violence statistics plus the fact that Alison’s attackers are up for parole this year and all South African women are bound to ask, how free are we really?

With the purpose of inspiring a change of attitude toward women award winning writer and director, Maralin Vanrenen, is bringing Alison’s story to the stage in an adaptation of Marianne Thamm’s best-selling book. Not only a story of physical survival against all odds, Alison’s story is a symbol of positivity and a refusal to remain a perpetual victim of the two thugs who could have taken her life.

“If we can encourage men and women that the choice is theirs to change this spiral of abuse towards women and children. And if we can encourage the authorities to apply the most stringent of rules before they even think of releasing criminals like these back into society, we will have moved mountains…It can be done.” says Vanrenen.

The play will feature Suanne Braun who has recently completed filming SURVIVOR with Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. The cast also includes Clayton Boyd, Zac Hendrikz, Shaleen Tobin and David de Beer, skilled theatre talents who will play the other roles in the piece. The Auto and General Theatre on the Square is proud to host this challenging and innovative production. It will open on the 6th of August in anticipation of Women’s Day and to honour all the heroines who came before and after Alison.

Bookings can be made by calling the theatre’s box-office on tel. 011 883-8606, via Strictly Tickets on tel. 082 553 5901 or on-line: www.strictlytickets.com

I wish you enough,


I’m shocked! @real_meals #banting @proftimnoakes

Dear friends and other interesting creatures –

#Banting. Wow – what a total way to mess with my head. As a fat person (none of us are blind) I am very well informed about food – all types. Hell, I’ve eaten enough of it. What I do know is that in my head you always reach for the low fat or non fat in everything. It is like a learned behaviour, and here comes  and turns it on its head.

My blogger friend, @SharonVW has been doing incredibly well and I am incredibly proud of her…. and incredibly jealous so naturally I had to give it a bash. Okay Sharon is also doing a nice amount of exercise where I walk to @KillarneyMall ….  First part was getting hold of the book, “Real Meal Revolution” which was a struggle I have to tell you. I left my card everywhere over a period of about three weeks and the only response I received was from @readerwarehouse in @norwoodmall – seriously.

I started my first #banting week last week Monday. I weighed in this morning, exactly 4kg lighter. Shocked and stunned!

I am still learning, so I cut out all obvious carbs, as well as all sugars. I have always drank lots of water so I have continued but it is harder in winter. I have eaten when I am hungry, and not just because it is a meal time. I have changed all my low fat everything to full cream. I add cream to my coffee, cooking with butter…. eating more eggs than usual, more protein. I have tried nuts which I don’t actually enjoying eating but I am experimenting. I have included LOTS of mushrooms and changed cheese to mature cheddar. Also eaten more tomato. Hardest thing this week was walking away from a bar one milkshake at Wimpy!

One week in I am not experiencing wild cravings. I did have one baby tiny potato with sour cream this week and did eat it very slowly and actually tasted it. I realised how I usually just eat and swallow, I don’t actually taste every bite… okay except when we were at @budmarsh_lodge  a couple weeks ago. I lingered on every bite. So maybe it is a bit like smelling the roses in a food way. LOL The other thing that I have found a bit difficult is only having water, tea or coffee. I usually do drink fruit juice… imagine all those sugars… eish.

Not the most fascinating of blogs I have ever written, forgive me. Between Tour De France, replying to Social Media Diva mails it has been a hectic morning.

I wish you enough,


Taking one for the team.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures

I have to share this conversation I overheard between my son Kevin (20) and my daughter Victoria (14). 

I hear him say ‘You need to take one for the team Jeffrey’  (His nickname for Victoria).

Victoria gave some clever ass answer and Kev says: ‘Fist Mom comes home with Liam (now 18) after I was strongly under the impression he was gonna be a puppy.  I told her to take him straight back.  My wishes were disregarded and he stayed. Then you arrived all pink and I had to just take another one for the team.  Another one to share my stuff with!  I don’t like sharing my stuff!! ‘

Victoria laughed very loudly. I still don’t know how this conversation started except that Kevin was doing a Borat accent and Kev is really very funny when he wants to be.

Sometimes my kid’s mouth open and I hear myself come out.  I don’t like sharing my stuff!  What the actual stuff is,  is immaterial.  Leave my stuff alone!…. very loud laughter. Actually everything I do appear loud. 

I wish you a blue eyed puppy with a matching drum set that the he randomly plays. Loudly.


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GIVEAWAY = Release your inner bold and win with @DoritosSA #Doritosforthebold

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I am doing a @DoritosSA HAMPER draw on 18 July 2014,  because Mr Mandela will always be the BOLDEST man I wish I had met!

Beat the cold with Doritos Fiery Habanero – the hottest flavour ever! Eat the heat and snap away to win your share of daily hampers, weekly party bus experiences and the grand prize of the VIP party of the decade…

Get your hands on a packet of Doritos Fiery Habanero and take up the Doritos weekly, Fiery Habanero “For the Bold” challenges.

Simply eat a pack of Doritos Fiery Habanero, and become BOLDER! Take photos in the situations and locations specified for the week, and share or upload these photos in order to enter the competition for daily, weekly and grand prizes.

One week you could be tasked with showing the world why it’s so hot to be young in South Africa with a bag of Doritos Fiery Habanero. Snap your Mandela Day action (I AM DOING THAT!!!!) .

The tasks could be fun – striking your hottest paparrazzi pose,  show off your hottest dance moves, or show your photobomb moment. No matter what the challenge, we need you to be Bold.

Daily prizes include Doritos Fiery Habanero product hampers; each week for eight weeks, one of eight Doritos Fiery Habanero Party Bus experiences for you and 15 friends will be up for grabs; and for the grand prize 15 winners and three of their friends will be able to attend the most sizzling VIP party of the decade.

Simply link your social accounts to the Doritos For the Bold Platform, and post your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram like you normally would, and hashtag with #Doritosforthebold OR you can upload your photo at http://www.forthebold.co.za.

For more information visit http://www.forthebold.co.za  or visit the DoritosFacebook page.

Answer this easy question to win Wenchy’s hamper:
What is the new @DoritosSA flavour called?

Answer in my blog comment space please.

I wish you enough,

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