Taking one for the team.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures

I have to share this conversation I overheard between my son Kevin (20) and my daughter Victoria (14). 

I hear him say ‘You need to take one for the team Jeffrey’  (His nickname for Victoria).

Victoria gave some clever ass answer and Kev says: ‘Fist Mom comes home with Liam (now 18) after I was strongly under the impression he was gonna be a puppy.  I told her to take him straight back.  My wishes were disregarded and he stayed. Then you arrived all pink and I had to just take another one for the team.  Another one to share my stuff with!  I don’t like sharing my stuff!! ‘

Victoria laughed very loudly. I still don’t know how this conversation started except that Kevin was doing a Borat accent and Kev is really very funny when he wants to be.

Sometimes my kid’s mouth open and I hear myself come out.  I don’t like sharing my stuff!  What the actual stuff is,  is immaterial.  Leave my stuff alone!…. very loud laughter. Actually everything I do appear loud. 

I wish you a blue eyed puppy with a matching drum set that the he randomly plays. Loudly.


Posted from the second cloud on your left.

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