I’m shocked! @real_meals #banting @proftimnoakes

Dear friends and other interesting creatures –

#Banting. Wow – what a total way to mess with my head. As a fat person (none of us are blind) I am very well informed about food – all types. Hell, I’ve eaten enough of it. What I do know is that in my head you always reach for the low fat or non fat in everything. It is like a learned behaviour, and here comes  and turns it on its head.

My blogger friend, @SharonVW has been doing incredibly well and I am incredibly proud of her…. and incredibly jealous so naturally I had to give it a bash. Okay Sharon is also doing a nice amount of exercise where I walk to @KillarneyMall ….  First part was getting hold of the book, “Real Meal Revolution” which was a struggle I have to tell you. I left my card everywhere over a period of about three weeks and the only response I received was from @readerwarehouse in @norwoodmall – seriously.

I started my first #banting week last week Monday. I weighed in this morning, exactly 4kg lighter. Shocked and stunned!

I am still learning, so I cut out all obvious carbs, as well as all sugars. I have always drank lots of water so I have continued but it is harder in winter. I have eaten when I am hungry, and not just because it is a meal time. I have changed all my low fat everything to full cream. I add cream to my coffee, cooking with butter…. eating more eggs than usual, more protein. I have tried nuts which I don’t actually enjoying eating but I am experimenting. I have included LOTS of mushrooms and changed cheese to mature cheddar. Also eaten more tomato. Hardest thing this week was walking away from a bar one milkshake at Wimpy!

One week in I am not experiencing wild cravings. I did have one baby tiny potato with sour cream this week and did eat it very slowly and actually tasted it. I realised how I usually just eat and swallow, I don’t actually taste every bite… okay except when we were at @budmarsh_lodge  a couple weeks ago. I lingered on every bite. So maybe it is a bit like smelling the roses in a food way. LOL The other thing that I have found a bit difficult is only having water, tea or coffee. I usually do drink fruit juice… imagine all those sugars… eish.

Not the most fascinating of blogs I have ever written, forgive me. Between Tour De France, replying to Social Media Diva mails it has been a hectic morning.

I wish you enough,


Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

16 thoughts on “I’m shocked! @real_meals #banting @proftimnoakes”

  1. Well done Wenchy! LCHF FTW!
    Be prepared…. after the first month, your weight loss will slow and should average at about 1kg per week.
    Been the easiest lifestyle change I have ever made…. 25kg’s down and counting!
    Go you!


    1. I was hoping for 1kg this week so 1kg a week would be wonderful. Very well done on your weight loss. I am very inspired and proud of you.


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