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I remember this shocking story so well…. I read the book, attended a speaking engagement and Alison is such an inspiration. I am so incredibly excited to celebrate Woman’s Day with the overcoming of evil, receiver of hope.



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A new production for Women’s Month written and directed by MARALIN VANRENEN adapted from the book by MARIANNE THAMM


SUANNE BRAUN – back from London,


6th – 30th August – for Women’s Month


The stage adaptation of I HAVE LIFE, ALISON’S JOURNEY by Marianne Thamm, is an inspirational story where one woman’s real life experience to beat her attackers and become the victor, and not the victim, is vividly told. Alison inspires us all to reach deep into ourselves to find our own miracle no matter what the odds.

This year marks 20 years of democracy and, significantly, also 20 years since the well-publicised case of Alison hit the headlines. You might remember that Alison was raped, disembowelled and her throat slit by Theuns Kruger and Frans du Toit. She was then left for dead on a filthy rubbish dump outside Port Elizabeth. As her attackers left the scene Theuns asked ‘Dink jy sy is dood?’  (‘Do you think she’s dead’). Frans replied ‘Niemand kan dit oorleef nie’ (‘No one could survive this’).

Twenty years on, we quote respected journalist Rebecca Davis:

“Most high-profile females in media reports are (still) murder victims…” The press is dominated by reports of Oscar Pistorius, Shrien Dewani and soon to be joined by globally recognized artist and photographer, Zwelethu Mthethwa, who is charged with beating to death 23 year old Nokuphila Khumalo. Add to these high profile cases the overall gender violence statistics plus the fact that Alison’s attackers are up for parole this year and all South African women are bound to ask, how free are we really?

With the purpose of inspiring a change of attitude toward women award winning writer and director, Maralin Vanrenen, is bringing Alison’s story to the stage in an adaptation of Marianne Thamm’s best-selling book. Not only a story of physical survival against all odds, Alison’s story is a symbol of positivity and a refusal to remain a perpetual victim of the two thugs who could have taken her life.

“If we can encourage men and women that the choice is theirs to change this spiral of abuse towards women and children. And if we can encourage the authorities to apply the most stringent of rules before they even think of releasing criminals like these back into society, we will have moved mountains…It can be done.” says Vanrenen.

The play will feature Suanne Braun who has recently completed filming SURVIVOR with Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. The cast also includes Clayton Boyd, Zac Hendrikz, Shaleen Tobin and David de Beer, skilled theatre talents who will play the other roles in the piece. The Auto and General Theatre on the Square is proud to host this challenging and innovative production. It will open on the 6th of August in anticipation of Women’s Day and to honour all the heroines who came before and after Alison.

Bookings can be made by calling the theatre’s box-office on tel. 011 883-8606, via Strictly Tickets on tel. 082 553 5901 or on-line:

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