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I am an emotional creature. @VictoriaT99 @EmoCreature @UJArtsCentre #EmoCreatureSA

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I invite you to read my guest blogger, my just turned 15 year old, daughter @VictorisT99’s  take on the provocative, brilliant play “Emotional Creatures“.

Walking into UJ Theatre and hearing the mumbles from grumpy teenagers and the grunts from late parents. Finding my seat, I start watching the show.

Genital mutilation, rape, slavery – all horrible subjects,

A girl walks onto the dimly lit oval shaped stage. She is from the Congo and has been there for two torturous years ever since she was kidnapped. She was only a young flower starting to bloom, she was only 15. Forced into slavery, raped every day. Three times a day for those two wasted years. She speak of the informed rules and regulations HE put down.

She starts to choke as the tears pour down her face, cracks as the tears roll down her face… slowly dripping. She spoke of her treacherous escape after finding out that he had invaded her body and created a child. She leaves on a big boat across the blue lake that she has travelled once before. She can have her life back now and carry on.

She was finally home.

I wish you enough,



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