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“Delightfully fabulous!” @Budmarsh_Lodge

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,
@SirNoid and I was most fortunate to be invited in spending some time with.
Budmarsh Country Lodge is the perfect get-away for those seeking a tranquil, warm and inviting time away from the buzz of the City.

The rooms are large, the bed very close to heaven and the bath that you can do the backstroke in, purely delightful. I was also thrilled to see the size of the shampoo, lotion etc was big enough for two and not of inferior quality which is so often the case. I loved the sticker with the logo on the toilet roll! 🙂 Attention to detail is a win for me. The coffee facility in the bedroom was a surprise. A proper filter coffee with home made biscuits. Loved that.

Naturally the ducks, pond and adult size swing where even my African hips fitted in was awesome! I loved it.

The food is absolutely delectable. Executive Chef, Chris is an artist in taste, value and presentation. Every six course meal is a journey and one I looked forward to at every meal. Perfect combinations and absolute joy. I highly recommend any dish coming from Chris’s kitchen!


The venue is suitable for couples or those traveling alone. It is in close proximity to Johannesburg and you are poorer for not visiting, and especially not dining!

My only negative was that Wi-Fi could only properly connect in the lounge and not in the bedroom, but then it reminded me that in that setting I should not be needing contact with the outside world!


A visit to add to your bucket list. Check out my album with pictures: HERE

I wish you a visit at Budmarsh!


As posted on Trip Advisor.

4 responses to ““Delightfully fabulous!” @Budmarsh_Lodge”

  1. That desert looks like an ode to Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows – The triangular cloak, the wand in the middle and the stone on the right… ;-P
    Sounds utterly divine!


  2. And by desert I mean dessert, of course.


    1. It is so hard to decide which one you like best!!!


  3. Gosh I could do with a visit. Looks fantastic


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