@TasteOfJoburg @PicknPay @Montecasinoza September 2014

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

After announcing record numbers for last year’s event, Pick n Pay Taste of Joburg is back at Montecasino Outdoor Event Area this September. Budding gourmands need look no further for a feast of the senses with an array of spectacular offerings from twelve of Joburg’s top restaurants.

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Festival Director, Justine Drake says that she is delighted to be part of such a large scale culinary experience that includes the multicultural mix that is Joburg’s food scene. “Every year we are blown away by the large crowds who attend the festival to taste the best dishes Joburg restaurants have to offer. Our sponsors and partners always do a fantastic job supporting us and have the same vision for what is certainly the highlight of Joburg’s culinary calendar.”

All those looking to visit Taste of Joburg for the first time can expect to be wowed by the “Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience”, the “Robertsons Butcher’s Block in association with Big Green Egg”, “The Rekordelig Premium Cider Lounge”, the “Lindt Chocolate Experience”, the “Castle Milk Stout Lounge” as well as the “Pick n Pay Fresh Living Chef’s Theatre”, and experience why Taste Festivals have become such a global gastronomic movement.

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We’ve been running this event for eight years and the challenge each year is presenting the experience in a different and dynamic way. I believe that this year’s festival will again deliver an unforgettable experience, one that will thrill and delight Joburg foodies with its unique mix of food, drink and entertainment. It’s definitely sensory alchemy in action. The large crowds who attend the festival to taste the best dishes Joburg restaurants have to offer. Our sponsors and partners always do a fantastic job supporting us and have the same vision for what is certainly the highlight of Joburg’s culinary calendar.”

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With thanks to glorious sponsors, I have tickets to giveaway to join in this culinary festival. Whoop!  Please answer this question and leave your answer in the comment section. Please do make sure you enter the correct e-mail address.

WHERE is Pick n Pay Taste of Joburg take place this year?

I wish you enough,

Posted from the second cloud on your left, while licking the spoon.

@sterkinekor @the100ftJourney Women’s Month giveaway!

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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

“But women- this I will never understand- they are touched by the oddest things”
Richard C. Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey

I had the absolute delight to attend a ladies coffee morning at the new  with amongst others   at  Sandton City. (I wonder if I will ever get use to people I admire so greatly, actually knowing my name. #humbled).

We were spoiled to gorgeous cakes, coffees, glitter, colour, laughter, flowers and much anticipation to watch  in the comfort of the superior experience, which is #CinePrestige. It is quite an experience.  I loved it. It is colourful and spicy. Exquisitely unfolds to a backdrop of dreams, embracing what we do not understand and being who you are.

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I am thrilled to bring to my readers an awesome gift from SterKinekor. I would love a copy of the book being an avid reader and knowing the beautiful aroma the movie left behind. The gift will make absolute sense once you have enjoyed watching The Hundred-Foot Journey.


1x consol jar
1x apron
1x salt and pepper grinders
1x Eastern spices
1x wooden spoon
1x The Hundred Foot Journey novel
1x double tickets


Please answer the question in my comment section. The competition winner will be announced on 31 August 2014 when women’s month draws to a close.  Which actress plays the role of Madame Mallory?

I wish you to embrace the unknown,


Starting a new fashion range #Ghana #wenchytude #JoziGem

Dear friends and other interesting people,

Being fat, regardless of what I wear I look the size of a small African country. Maybe Ghana?

Having lost weight (Yes, stone me… I heart #banting), my clothes do not fit. That isn’t sexy either.

My jeans don’t look proper on my body…it makes this bubble… Yes I know. Exactly what supermodels everywhere is wearing!

Yes… I am one of those fat people who buy something in every colour if I like it….so I now have a range of baggy jeans.

Start a new fashion label since I already have the range?

I can’t shop for every 15kg’s lost. I have stuff to pay dammit.

I wish you some kick ass jeans.

Somewhere over the rainbow and other chronic conditions.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

As I sit here, “Somewhere over the rainbow” is playing and I feel tearful. You should know that I am Jude Garland darling.

I came into “The Foot Spa” in Killarney Mall to ask Mali to please rub my neck so I could lift it. Yes, literally. (A bit of ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows my name…Clearly they do much more than deal with feet.)

The stupid pain in my neck is back. Been some days now. Yes, the pain that came just before the sickness changed my life.

I fear the pain. It associates with huge changes and very real turmoil on many levels. I don’t wanna play.

I close my eyes and dream of where blue birds fly.

….away above the chimney tops, that’s where you find me.


@KievitsKroon Country Estate, Spa & Conference Centre

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

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My son Kevin (21) and I recently visited the award-winning Kievits Kroon Country Estate. It is really not a long drive from Johannesburg and we arrived much sooner than I anticipated. As we stopped outside the 16 hectare estate, the first thing I noticed was the manicured lawn and the Cape Dutch architecture. A touch of the Cape just outside Pretoria.


Booking in was a pleasure. We were treated to welcoming drinks overlooking a beautiful white rose garden and the receptionist came to us with our card key (those always make me nervous) and explained where everything was located. We found our room very easily with the provided map and settled in. We were treated to cheese, biscuits and wine in our room which really hit the spot!


It was wonderful to relax and chat to my grown up son. How often do you get to do that?

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Kev and I were treated to  a fine dining experience in their signature restaurant, Granita. We had Gourmet Dinner Menu 2. It was awesome fun trying exotic dishes with my son whom is a very fussy eater. We enjoyed all the dishes, laughed so much and just had a really great time. While I have been privileged to have enjoyed fine dining before, it was a first for my son.

We loved coming back to our room with turned down beds,  decorated with white roses, chocolates, fluffy gowns and slippers.


Breakfast was fabulous! Great old style buffet with Kev and I joking, me trying desperately not to eat toast (#banting!) lol. The staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful.

We were offered a late check out and were off to the most amazing Spa EVER!!!! I have been to many a Spa, but this one stands alone when it comes to awesome.

Firstly they have a great little buffet as you enter with incredibly ice tea. It was absolutely delicious. Next we completed our forms, had a full tour of the facilities which is extensive and truly impressive. Each treatment is sign posted, telling you exactly what to expect. It is overwhelming in its perfection.

I could spend hours there… for weeks if they would let me! We changed into our gowns and our therapists collected us from a relaxation room. Kevin and I had a full body massage each. I fell asleep during mine. It was just right. I cannot describe the luxury and absolute indulgence of the Spa in enough words!! I will go back there any and every chance I ever get.


I have to thank Kievits Kroon for hosting Kevin and I – huge gratitude. It was a stay I will always remember. Not only did we receive wonderful treatment, were totally spoiled while at Kievits Kroon, but we also got to spend one on one time with each other as grown ups… although, I guess he will always just be my baby boy 🙂

I wish a splash of the Cape in Pretoria!












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